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Wefyvbusrhess can be defined by where they've come from, how they conduct themselves and where they plan to be. So it is at Marlow, where these thoughts define everything we do. We are extremely proud of our heritage - not only as a brand recognised around the world for quality, performance and innovation, but as a business with ties to the local community going back over 200 years. However, with our history and reputation comes responsibility and we are committed to maintaining the quality and service that our customers have come to expect. As to the future, we strive for innovation and...

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Designed as a traditional 13mm climbing rope for double rope technique. Gecko has a tough and durable 16 plait polyester cover making the rope supple and hardwearing - ideal for use with friction hitches. 13mm diameter for easy handling. Range of hi-vis colours for identification and safety. Serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance. GECKO FCR 2 KOMODO 2 COLOURS    PINK/WHITE For every pink rope sold, a donation is made to Cancer Research UK. COLOURS    ORANGE/BLUE VEGA )    > ORANGE/GREY OR LIME/GREY Vega is a new CE certified light weight arborist climbing rope, a...

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SPECIFICATIONS AERIS A lightweight nylon 11mm static climbing rope designed for weight saving. Typically used with single rope techniques. Aeris has excellent abrasion resistance and works with conventional hardware designed for use with 11mm ropes. Ideal diameter for compatibility with 11mm climbing devices. Good energy absorption for safety. Lightest weight option for fast & efficient SRT climbing. Serial numbered factory terminations for regulatory compliance. COLOURS    BLUE/LIME OR RED/LIME (• • ©k TERMINATIONS SPLICED OR SEWN SPECIFICATIONS APPLICATIONS VENOM Venom is a new...

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ACCESSORY CORDS SPECIFICATIONS APPLICATIONS BOA CORD Marlow Boa has a hardwearing 16 plait polyester cover with a braided polyester core. This anti-kink construction means Boa is ideal for use as a prussik and other friction hitches, offering easy knot tying and good grip. High tenacity polyester balances economy and performance. Tough 16 plait construction for durability and flexibility. DIAMETER WEIGHT AVERAGE BREAKLOAD TEST STANDARDS COVER MATERIAL CORE MATERIAL COLOURS LENGTHS TERMINATIONS VIPER CORD Marlow Viper is a vectran / polyester accessory cord designed for use as a high...

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SPECIFICATIONS BOA LOOP Factory terminated, CE certified loop made using the tough and proven anti-kink Boa cord. High stength termination conforms to CE EN 566. Serial numbered, factory CNC sewn terminations for regulatory compliance. Factory terminated, CE certified loop made using the durable and heat resistant Viper cord. High stength termination conforms to CE EN 566. Serial numbered, factory CNC sewn terminations for regulatory compliance. A factory sewn CE certified eye-to-eye sling made using a high strength cord incorporating the proven Viper vectran cover. Viper2 slings have short...

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RIGGING LINESSPECIFICATIONS WIRECORE FLIPLINE Marlow Fliplines are CE certified work positioning lanyards made using flexible and strong 7x19 galvanised steel wire core with tough 16 plait polyester cover. DIAMETER UNIT WEIGHT AVERAGE BREAKLOAD TEST STANDARDS COVER MATERIAL CORE MATERIAL WORK POSITIONING 13mm 646g/ 864g/1082g/ 1300g 30kN CE EN 354 POLYESTER GALVANISED WIRE Galvanised 7x19 wire provides zero stretch, cut resistant and gives ideal balance of flexibility and weight for improved flip performance. 16 plait polyester cover for excellent abrasion resistance and provides grip...

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NEW MINI SPOOL DISPENSER - RETAIL DISPLAY Marlow's NEW Mini Spool Dispenser is a great point-of-sale display for till spaces and table-tops, available free of charge when purchased with 15 mini-spool reels from our Throwline range. You can then re-order spools as and when required. SPECIFICATIONS THROWLINE APPLICATIONS Supplied on handy 50m mini spools, our 2mm Throwline has a smooth and hardwearing polyester cover. Excellent handling characteristics and excellent longevity. SPECIFICATIONS    ^ APPLICATIONS For easier handling and higher breaking strength, the Dyneema® Throwline is over 3...

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SPECIFICATIONS WHOOPIE EXTREME Manufactured from high strength, lightweight Dyneema®, Whoopie Extreme is 5 times lighter than our equivalent standard Whoopie Sling yet 40% stronger. Lighter handling, increased safety factor and minimal elongation make this the ultimate tree rigging sling. COLOUR    GREY ©k TERMINATIONS FIXED EYE SPLICE ONE END, ADJUSTABLE SPLICE OTHER END Very high strength & low stretch, very light weight and does not absorb water. It has excellent abrasion resistance, and is supplied with an adjustable factory splice. SPECIFICATIONS MINI WHOOPIE EXTREME The Mini Whoopie...

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SPECIFICATIONS WHOOPIE SLINGS Whoopie Slings are adjustable in length so that one sling can do the job of many. With one fixed eye and one adjustable, Marlow Whoopie slings are manufactured using a unique multi-braided construction for improved durability without the need for PU coating. Unique multi-braided construction that is hardwearing, strong and adjustable, with high elongation for superior energy absorption. Supplied prespliced. COLOURS    LIME/BLUE/RED ©k TERMINATIONS FIXED EYE SPLICE ONE END, ADJUSTABLE SPLICE OTHER END SPECIFICATIONS SCORPION RIGGING SLING The Scorpion is a...

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