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Catalogue excerpts

At MarineJetPower we never lose sight of our core purpose: to supply world class products and services for the Waterjet propulsion market in a reliable and professional way. We understand that personal engagement, relationship, trust and skills is something this market need, thus our focus has been to create a global capable organization that will give class leading timely support in all time-zones. Our ambition to dominate the Waterjet market drive strategic investments in people and capabilities as well as new product developments, central to these is a responsibility to ensure that the systems...

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A force to trust First reason to go for water jets is high speed demands, but there are several other excellent reasons to choose water jets over conventional propeller installations. The most obvious benefits include protected propulsion, high efficiency, good maneuverability, shallow draft capability, smooth engine loading, less vibration and lower waterborne noise. When you add all these together, it’s clear that today’s water jets are an impressive evolution in marine propulsion. Marine Jet Power is a leading innovator and supplier in the marine propulsion field. Around the globe we’re satisfying...

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A pioneering history Marine Jet Power is the result of the 2012 MJP acquisition of Ultra Dynamics. Our history has roots extending deep into the origins of water jet propulsion. For several decades, great engineering minds were working around the world to perfect the water jet concept. In the UK during the mid-60s, the Dowty Group, an aerospace and engineering conglomerate, was making drive units for military craft. In the US, Ultra Dynamics took over the marine propulsion sector of Ultra Hydraulics. Meanwhile, in Sweden, MJP was created in 1986 as a joint venture between the Marinteknik Shipyard...

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World-class service & after sales At Marine Jet Power our approach is direct and individual, we provide service adapted to every operator's needs. At your request we can provide direct service instruction to operational per- sonnel, shipyard staff or the operator's appointed service body. Both theoretical and hands-on, this training may include courses in assembly, hydraulics and controls. Service engineers can be sent from any of our nearest locations. When you need replacement parts we promise to provide you with the fastest possible turna- round time on spares. With our widespread parts network...

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Propulsion Partner" Full jet and control system. Client handover package which includes: service and mainte- nance manuals, useful points of contact, local agent and MJP team and system training. High quality and reliable engineered components, included in the genuine spare parts package supplied by MJP

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• Packaging • Construction • Concrete We build according to your wishes! Martinvägen S-748 30 Österbybruk +46 (0)72-218 36 90/

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The EMEA Region Jukka Kukkula, Regional Director, EMEA: “Europe – Middle East – Africa (EMEA) is one of the three business regions at Marine Jet Power and at EMEA we serve all customer segments; governmental, ferry, yacht and workboat markets, whereby governmental applications are the largest. As of today more than 35 Navies and Coast Guards have chosen Marine Jet Power water jets to propel their fleets. Another important business area for MJP-EMEA is the energy segment and especially Wind Farm Support Vessels. Until now we have delivered equipment to 62 vessels, serving mainly customers in Denmark,...

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"MJP, the partner you can trust under technological circumstances" We have been manufacturing panels to Marine Jet Power for 30 years info@idealgravyr.se • www.idealgravyr.se

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The APAC Region Robert Magnusson, Managing Director APAC: “In the shipbuilding market, Asia is still dominating with competitive price levels for new buildings which attracts commercial vessels worldwide. MJP is currently working with approximately 30 yards in the APAC-region, both for commercial and governmental projects. Our customers operating in Asia is demanding high quality products, service, support and presence in the area. Products are expected to be built for heavy duty operations, with a robust design in order to minimize the down time of the vessels. To give our customers the confidence...

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71 major focus for the company is now on the crew and supply boat vessles in the offshore oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico." HOME OF THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Collaborator to Marine Jet Power AB The most flexible office in Sweden

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The Americas Region The Americas region covers both North and South America. The US office for Marine Jet Power sales and service has been located in Columbus Ohio for over 25 years, especially with the MJP Ultrajet product. Focusing on revenue producing and governmental applications, MJP Inc supports customers from as far north as Alaska, throughout Canada and the US in Navy, Coast Guard and fisheries vessels, as well as in passenger vessels from the Northeast US coast all the way south into the Caribbean. In South America MJP waterjets can be found on a growing number of pilot and patrol boats...

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MJP Hybrid – Well proven, world class technology Marine Jet Power is proud to introduce a totally new product concept – optimized for highspeed applications. MJP Hybrid is the result of a combination of best ideas and technologies in former MJP and best ideas and technologies in the former Ultrajet. The MJP Hybrid water jet is a brand new and unique combination of MJP technologies combining the very best characteristics of the revolutionary MJP DRB series, with the highly respected MJP Ultrajet series. The MJP Hybrid is offering striking performance in an attractive package, at an attractive price...

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Features & Benefits • Complete jet assembly, in aluminum frame for welding or bolting into hull structure. • Well proven, full duplex stainless steel pump with superior wear strength. No separate wear liner. • Part of intake tunnel in GRP for corrosion protection and minimum maintenance of intake structure. • Mixed-flow jet technology with minimum tip clearance for superior performance. • Inboard support bearing and standard shaft length prepared for intermediate coupling and shaft. • Inboard hydraulics with tank unit and valves assembled on the jet. • HYDRAULIC POWER UNITS • MANIFOLDS • COMPONENTS...

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