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Marine BBQ's - 8 Pages

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Marine BBQ's
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Catalogue excerpts

Galleymate 1500 (GM1500G) Width: 21 1/4 in (540mm) Depth: 17 1/4 in (440mm) Height: 13 1/4 in (340mm) Cooking Surface: 17 1/4 in (440mm) x 13 1/2 in 354mm) Weight: 37lb (17kg) The Galleymate 1500 is ideal for boating, recreational and home use. The BBQ has all the mountings that the other models have. The Galleymate 2000 (GM2000G) on calapsable stand (Stand2) Galleymate 1500 The 1500 uses twin Stainless Steel burners that are completely protected from the wind. It generates 20,000 BTU’s and can also be used as a cook top oven and even has a spitroast option. Ideal for cooking for up to 10 people....

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Larger Models THESE LARGE STAINLESS STEEL BBQS ARE IDEAL FOR LARGE BOATS, HOMES, HOUSE BOATS AND RESORTS The Galleymate 4000 (GM4000G) THE GALLEYMATE 4000 This is an ideal, large 4 burner BBQ for those who want to cook for large groups of around 20 people. This BBQ comes standard with a half grill and half solid plate (griddle). The Galleymate 4000 has a flat cover lid for those who don't require the oven features offered in other models. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Height: 9in (230mm) Weight: 55lbs (25kg) Width: 22in (560mm) Length: 281/2 in (720mm) BBQ plate size: 171/4 in x 131/2 in (450mm x 340mm)...

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The Entertainer 2000 & 5000 are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, and come with spitroast attachments that are powered by 2 DC Batteries or 110 volts or 220 - 250 volts. The Entertainer 2000 has a BBQ plate 525mm x 365mm enabling you to comfortably barbecue for up to 12 people, but with the spitroast attachments you can cook for up to 30 people. The Entertainer 5000 is larger than The Entertainer 2000 and has two BBQ plates each 131/2 in x 171/4 in (345mm x 440mm) and is ideal for barbecuing for up to 20 people, and with the spitroast attachments you can cook for up to 50 people quite...

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Mounting Options Central rail mount bracket system Central rail mount bracket system (RMC) A C B A When using the central rail mount bracket system this bracket is permanently affixed to the base of the Galleymates 1000 or 2000 and fits into B B The rail mount bracket. This bracket is bolted onto your railing system (fits rails 3/4” (19mm) to 1 1/4” (32mm). Other options are available for different size rails. C This is a spring loaded pin which locks your Galleymate to the rail mount bracket. A is locked into B Picture taken from under BBQ shows how the central rail mount is fitted. Also note...

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Mounting Options Flush Deck Mounts (FDM) (cont.) Galleymate 1000 using a Flush Deck Mount C B A These are used to mount your BBQ into a large wooden rail or transom (see below). The front legs of the BBQ simply slip over the pin A which is placed in the Flush Deck Mount B which assembles as C. This enables you to simply remove the BBQ when finished and stow it away. If you are a fisherman, Marine Barbecues Australia also have a bait board that will slip into these same mounts. See Optional Extras for bait board. When the BBQ is removed it leaves a smooth, flush finish as shown below left. A B...

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Optional Extras Galleymate 1000 Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel LPG (propane) Gas Bottles available in 5 sizes. (GS4.5) Plate Tray Full Grill Spatter Guard Available in Exlan Coating (SG1000) Utensil Tray (UT1000) Full Grill Kit (FGT1000) C B A A 5.3lbs (2.4kg) 14in (350mm) x 81/2 in (216mm). B 10 lbs (4.5kg) 18in (470mm) x 81/2 in (216mm). C 13lbs (5.8kg) 22in (560mm) x 81/2 in (216mm). Not pictured: 3lbs (1.2kg) 8 in (200mm) x 81/2 in (216mm). 7.5 lbs (3.4kg) 151/4 in (390mm) x 81/2 in (216mm). Galleymate 1000 with cover (CC1000) Plate Tray (PT1000) Covers are available for all models. Half...

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Exlan Griddle Plate (EGP1000) Telescopic Rod (TELR) Extra support for larger models and for those planning to mount your BBQ permanently Spitroast Assembly (GM1500SRA) No Stick, easy to use, easy to clean, better and tougher than Teflon. Optional extra for the Galleymate 1500 Bait Board / Cutting Board (BBoard) Rail Mounts (RMO) Fitted with brackets to suit our mounting systems Size: 680 x 420mm Enables simple & quick installation disconnection of BBQ & baitboard Regulator & hose UV protective hose (RHP) Regulator & hose Stainless Steel braided (RHSS) Galleymate 1500 using the pedestal stand (Stand1)...

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