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MVP White Line - Epoxy

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WHITE LINE: EPOXY, URETHANES & COATING | FIXED RATIO SYSTEM EQUIPMENT Patriot™ 1:1 Duo System MVP's Patriot 1:1 Duo System has been specifically designed to mix and dispense multiple 1:1 volumetric materials. Description The Patriot™ Duo 1:1 System from Magnum Venus Products has been specifically designed to mix and dispense multiple 1:1 volumetric materials. Recognizing a need for such a system, MVP specifically designed the Duo 1:1 System to mix and dispense viscous materials through a gravity feed system that eliminates the need for a ram pump. • Highly consistent delivery of 1:1 volumetric materials • Precision metering • Ideal for dispensing silicone materials • Easy maintenance Several features of this new system are: • 1:1 fixed ratio fluid pumps • Precise Patriot™ metering technology • 15 gallon A + B polyethylene tanks for gravity feeding. • Easy maneuverability on cart mount model • Single trigger action to start/stop the spray flow • Easy low cost maintenance on gun • Reduced downtime for standard system maintenance with MVP's Rapid Access Design (RAD) Specifications PATRIOT™ DUO 1:1 SYSTEM Pumping Ratio: 15:1 Mix Ratio: 1:1 Material Displacement (each fluid section): 1.178 in3/stroke (19.30 c.c.) Avg. Air Consumption: 10 to 15 CFM Hose Length: 25 ft. (7.6 m) Options • Robotic Option with Auto Pro Gun • Transfer Pumps • Heaters • Portable Carts • Booms UPS-DUO Standard Volume Precise, proven metering technology. With true 1:1 delivery of Urethane, Epoxy, Silicone or Polyester materials, it is ideal for materials used in coating, adhesives, casting, and laminating resins. Description The Standard Volume Duo Unit features: • Precise, proven metering technology • True 1:1 delivery of urethane, epoxy, silicone or polyester materials • Ideal for materials used in coatings, adhesives, casting and laminating resins • 1:1 Pro Gun Specifications    Options STANDARD VOLUME - DUO-54646 Output Cap: Depending on materials: 10 lbs-30 lbs per min. Avg. Air Consumption: 10 to 15 CFM Mix Ratio: 1:1 Pump Ratio: 8:1 LOW VOLUME - DUO-52424 Output Cap: 5 lbs-20 lbs Avg. Air Consumption: 10 to 15 CFM Mix Ratio: 1:1 Pump Ratio: 15:1 Heaters Heated hose sets Stainless steel fluid sections Portable Carts Booms

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Universal Proportioner SystemThe Universal Proportioner System covers a wide application range for Epoxy and Urethane laminating resins and coatings. Description The Universal Proportioner System is the latest mix/meter dispense system from Magnum Venus Products, which draws on technology that has been successfully used in MVP systems for over 50 years while incorporating many exciting new innovations. This system covers a wide application range for Epoxy and Urethane laminating resin and coatings. The air motor drives a heavy duty rocker arm linkage drive which drives two double...

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