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Multi-Wind Filament Winder Brochure-ML1475

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Other Versa-Wind Systems The ultimate in computer control winding. This machine is controlled by a powerful computer that has been completely programmed in an opera- tor-friendly Windows® environment with touch-screen technology. This allows several advantages: • Available software packages enables many of the controls that used to be done via air and electrical switches to be incorporated into the comptuer program. • Most engineers or production managers have Windows®-based PCs readily available. Using Windows® for the operating system gives the customer the option of creating the winding programs to be completely remote of the winder and transferthem to the machine via an in-house • Hardware required to run this system is readily available world-wide. This is a manually controlled machine that boasts low production costs in the manufacture of superior corrosion-resistant products. This system is the ideal choice for production needs that do not require full automation. • Easy access to controls: Controls for carriage direction and speed, roller pressure and styrene spray are all mounted on the carriage control box. • Varied material applications: The Econo-winder can apply mylar parting film, surface veils, chopped liners, filament winding strands, wax surface coat, pigmented surface layer, unidirectional tape, woven roving tape and various special resin mixtures. • Ability to grow with operation: Option of adding wet bath technology, and Average Winder Specifications Typical Dimensions Sample Winder Dimensions: i-or more inrormanon. coniaci: ' / AGNU M /ENUS —'LASTECH MAGNUM VENUS PLASTECH Corp HQ/Mfg. Chllsworthy Beam, Gunnlslake E-mail: ■ Web:

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MULTI-WIND - MULTI-AXIS FILAMENT WINDER Advanced FRP applications are one of the fastest growing areas of the thermoset plastics industry, with filament winding leading the way, and M.V.P. has been engineering some of the industry's leading filament winding systems for over 20 years. Our staff of talented engineers and designers, who are experienced with equipment for specialized fiber reinforced plastics projects, make M.V.P. one of the best sources of knowledge anywhere on reinforced thermoset processing methods. M.V.P. has taken the best ideas the industry has to offer on Advanced FRP,...

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