MR 15 16 Product Catalog - 22 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S 3 Recreation 5 Versatile 11 Touring 13 Tripping 15 Canoe Design 19 Color Options 20 Canoe Specifications

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T RU T H & LEGEND confident Rabbit has its origins in Native American legend and lore. The iconic Mad River Canoetales of the confident rabbit who could sit amidst the ferns enjoying hisTribes along the coast of Maine tell pipe even though his mortal enemy the Lynx prowled nearby, for the Rabbit knew he possessed the intelligence and wisdom to elude and confound the Lynx. the first Mad built Confident The “smokin’ bunny” adornedRiver’s intent River canoesfinestin 1971. The tale and the talents of theconfidence Rabbit align nicely with Mad to build the canoes possible, thus engendering in all who...

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The innovation we bring to the canoe industry is not limited to design and construction. We’re constantly investigating new ways to grow our family of paddlers. For those who are newly introduced to this world or who are looking for a low maintenance solution for getting their family on the water, we offer our selection of Recreation Canoes. Easy paddling, comforting stability, multiple uses and virtually no upkeep make these the perfect grab-and-go canoes.

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Length: 16'/ 488 cm Width (4" waterline): 34.25"/ 87 cm Width (Gunwale): 33"/ 84 cm The versatile canoe choice for getting started; great for sportsmen, families or as a second canoe, the Adventure 16 is an amazing value. Tough, worry-free polyethylene construction stands up to virtually any condition. Motor-friendly stern accepts electric trolling motors. GUNWALE STANDARD FEATURES Integral Molded Seats with Pad (All 3 Seats), Padded & 4-Way Adjustable Backrests (Fore & Aft Seats), Center Seat, Mesh Pockets (2), Gear Tray, Padded Carry Handles, Integral Transom for Trolling Motor Depth (Center):...

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Our Versatile Canoes are equally at home on the river as they are on open water. The moderate rocker and durable materials offer all-around performance with minimal compromise, helping you to feel confident on all types of on-water adventures. The iconic Explorer Series offers smooth cruising and superior seaworthiness, while the Serenades offer several options for the versatile solo river-runner. Rivers to lakes and all in-between, our Versatile Canoes are your best bet.

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Length: 16'3"/ 495 cm Width (4" waterline): 33.25"/ 84 cm With assurance in its long history of proven performance, canoeists have chosen the Explorer as a family cruiser, fisherman’s canoe, and for many other types of on-water activities. This revered design is now available in a sophisticated, durable, and high performance “FGX” fiberglass lay-up and is moderately priced for budget conscious canoeists. GUNWALE STANDARD FEATURES Web Seats, Flat Natural Ash Yoke, Wood Handles Cane Seats, Flat Natural Ash Yoke, Wood Handles Width (Gunwale): 34.5"/ 88 cm Depth (Center): 14.5"/ 37 cm Capacity: 1100...

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The welcoming Journey 156 design is at home at summer camp, but offers a level of sophistication for adventurers too. Built for stability and versatility and everything from solo paddling to weekend camping trips, the trusted three-layer durable material is great for tight or twisty rivers with rocky conditions. SPECIFICATIONS Length: 15'6"/ 472 cm Width (4" waterline): 35.25"/ 90 cm Width (Gunwale): 37"/ 94 cm Depth (Center): 14.5"/37 cm Capacity: 1100 lbs / 499 kg Material: Triple Tuff Shallow Arch Hull Moderate Rocker STANDARD FEATURES AVAILABLE OPTIONS Web Seats, Shaped Flat Natural Xtreme...

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The spacious 167 is versatile and stable, with a touch more speed, glide, and storage capacity than the Journey 156 for longer trips on bigger water. This ideal recreational canoe offers adventurers and families a welcoming and durable design that isn’t easily outgrown. Width (4” waterline): 37.25”/ 95 cm Width (Gunwale): 37”/ 99 cm Depth (Center): 14.5”/ 37 cm Capacity: 1200 lbs / 544 kg Material: Triple Tuff Shallow Arch Hull Moderate Rocker GUNWALE STANDARD FEATURES AVAILABLE OPTIONS Web Seats, Center Seat, Shaped Flat Natural Xtreme Duty Yoke, Polyethylene Handles Web Seats, Center Seat, Shaped...

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The Serenade bridges the gap between shallow pack-style canoes and longer touring solo canoes. Its compact dimensions and composite construction make it easily managed on and off the water yet it offers impressive paddling efficiency. The Serenade is stable enough to provide a comfortable platform for fishing and its open hull enables paddling in company with a favorite canine companion as well as harboring overnight gear and equipment. The Serenade and Serenade TR are offered in two hull materials and available in choice of wood or aluminum gunwales. All Serenades feature sliding center seats...

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The Serenade TR is outfitted with a traditional sliding canoe seat, minimizing weight and providing a more conventional open-canoe paddling position, also efficient with single or double blade paddles. The TR seat is suspended from the gunwales and will accommodate paddling from a kneeling position. SPECIFICATIONS Length: 13'1"/ 399 cm Width (4" waterline): 26.5"/ 67 cm Width (Gunwale): 28.25"/ 72 cm Depth (Center): 11.5"/ 29 cm Capacity: 300 lbs / 136 kg The TR configuration in the Serenade Series features a traditional hung sliding canoe seat, providing a higher paddling position more suited...

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The process of designing and building boats is as much art as science. And for many of us, the journey can be more rewarding than the destination. Whether you’re getting out for a refreshing spin after work or getting away for a few days, you’ll want a canoe that glides easily, accelerates quickly, and is easy to keep up to speed. Our touring canoes speak “efficiency” from stem to stem.

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MALECITE FGX SPECIFICATIONS Length: 16’5”/ 501 cm Width (4” waterline): 32.25”/ 82 cm The “spark” that has endeared the Malecite to multiple generations of paddlers, tandem or solo, is now available in a sophisticated, high performance fiberglass lay-up. Perfect for budget conscious canoeists, it is moderately stiff, efficient, durable, and well-priced. GUNWALE STANDARD FEATURES Web Seats, Flat Natural Ash Yoke, Wood Handles WOOD (SLOTTED) Web Seats, Flat Natural Ash Yoke, Wood Handles Width (Gunwale): 34.5”/ 88 cm Depth (Center): 13”/ 33 cm Capacity: 850 lbs / 386 kg Material: Fiberglass Composite...

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