2006 Mad River catalog - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Wilderness River Expedition Art Foundation (WREAF) - George River, Nunavik, Canada The photos on our cover come from the 2005 WREAF Recon Expedition on the George River in the heart of Canada’s Boreal Forest. The WREAF was conceived by Rob Mullen whose wilderness art graced our 2005 catalog. The goal of the Foundation is to promote the preservation of our wilderness rivers by inspiring the world’s nest nature artists to travel these rivers and to generate art depicting the wonders of these ecosystems and in turn, inspire the public to protect these precious resources. The 2006 George River Expedition...

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Legend 16 The Legend is one of those rare products that actually lived up to its’ name and we’re pleased to revive this river friendly touring/tripping canoe. Shallow arch symmetrical hull with are makes for a canoe that runs dry and is particularly well suited for class II-III rivers. Nimble enough to play and spacious enough to load up for a week long trip, the Legend is one of those rare boats that becomes the boat of choice even by folks that own multiple canoes. This boat not only became a Legend in its’ own time, it was ahead of its’ time, an SUV of a canoe, conceived well before the SUV...

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photo : Gary McGun; George River Quebec, Canada HULL MATERIALS Kevlar™ KX Hull Materials Mad River’s been building canoes of Kevlar Aramid ber longer than anyone so we know it well. Pound for pound, Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel yet also one of the lightest of composite materials. Superior tensile strength provides excellent impact absorption and tear resistance, traits that made Kevlar a choice material for military helmets and body armor. Mad River employs Kevlar as part of a sophisticated composite matrix including a proprietary gel coat and abrasion resistant S-glass to build the most...

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CANOE DESIGN Elements of Canoe Design We opt for the specic design elements that will enhance the design purpose of that particular canoe, whether it be the shallow vee of the versatile Explorers and Freedoms or the shallow arch in the cruising Horizons and Outrage whitewater playboats. In discussing the elements of canoe design, it is absolutely key to remember that it is the interplay of the various elements that determines a canoe’s performance and it is the art of the canoe designer that makes the whole far more than the sum of its’ component parts. What’s best for a whitewater canoe is diametrically...

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CANOE DESIGN Keel Line A canoe’s keel line is the prole of the hull bottom running from stem to stem, best seen by standing back and viewing the canoe from the side. The keel line can range from straight or level to highly arched or rockered (think of the runner on bottom of a rocking chair). We classify canoes have less than 2” of rocker as slightly rockered. Models with rocker ranging from 2” to 3” are considered moderately rockered and those with over 3” of rocker as extremely rockered. Slightly Rockered: Horizon 15, Horizon 17, Angler 14, Adventure 16, Adventure 14, Express 16, Malecite Pros...

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Hull Cross Section Shallow Arch Horizon 15 & 17, Adventure 14 & 16, Freedom Solo, Legend 15 & 16, Outrage X, Outrage Pros • paddling eciency & speed in calm conditions • higher nal stability than at bottom • maneuverable when combined with moderate to extreme rocker Cons • performance degrades in rough waters • lower nal stability than shallow vee Flat Bottom Explorer, Explorer 15, Explorer 16TT & 14TT, Express 16, Freedom 16 & 17, Malecite, Orion Pros • high initial stability • maneuverable Cons • poor nal stability • poor structural integrity • slow • unpredictable if leaned or in waves • stability...

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When you want to seize the opportunity to go just about anywhere, get a canoe that’s up for potentially anything. photo : Gary McGun; George River Quebec, Canada provide all-round performance with minimal compromise. Each design is balanced to oer competence in a wide range of conditions. If your paddling is a mix of open water and rivers large or small, these canoes will reward you. Not as outright fast as our Tripping canoes or as nimble as our Whitewater boats, our Versatile canoes oer rewarding performance and reassuring seaworthiness in varied conditions, all in one, “do-it-all” hull. Looking...

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Robust Royalex® construction serves well the beginning paddler or the most ambitious. Unrivaled versatility in one hull. This proven hull can deliver you to those remote places you dream about. Gunwales in wood, IQ or IQ2. Shown in IQ2 and cane seats. Length: 14’9”/488cm Width at waterline: 33.75”/ 86cm Average weight: 62 lbs/28.0kg Versatility dened.This nimble tandem for cruising and light touring shines in confused waters. It’s also a ne solo expedition and shing canoe. Manufactured in Royalex®, gunwales in wood, IQ or IQ2. Shown in IQ and bucket seats. Length: 16’/488cm Width at waterline:...

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Length: 15’ 11”/485cm Width at waterline: 33”/ 84cm Average weight: 73 lbs/33kg Dry, superior capacity and excellent whitewater performance. Reinforced Royalex® for increased durability. Quite capable on at water, it will make short work of long pools and remain poised through the drops. Gunwales in wood, IQ or IQ2. Shown in IQ2 with web seats. Length: 17’/518cm Width at waterline: 34”/ 86cm Average weight: 79 lbs/36kg Got a lot of gear to haul? This is our most versatile “big” canoe, a river-tripping loadmaster with good tracking and surprising maneuverability. Nice, dry ride, too. Gunwales in...

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Class II-III capable compact tandem river tourer or spacious solo tripper. If your paddling is more river than lake, this boat has the credentials. Gunwales in IQ2 or wood. Shown in wood with cane seats. Length: 16’/488cm Width at waterline: 34”/ 86cm Average weight: 73 lbs/33kg Flared, shallow arched hull translates to a superb river runner/tripper. A well-proven choice for shallow, boisterous rivers with capacity for extended mixed water trips with or without gear. Gunwales in IQ2 or wood. Shown in wood with cane seats. Length: 13’10”/422cm Width at waterline: 35.5”/ 90cm Average weight: 56...

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