IS-Series Information Sheet - 4 Pages

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IS-Series Information Sheet

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^dvanced technology products, designed and manufactured for exacting applications IS Series Waterproof LED Utility Light Installation Instructions

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IS Series Waterproof LED Utility Light Installation Instructions The IS Series Waterproof LED is the first line of ​ ultra-thin, fully waterproof LED fixtures designed to ​ supplant all existing types of water proof, drip proof, and explosion proof lighting​This includes, but is not limited to, small cage type incandescent/CFL fixtures, all . the way up to four-bulb 4 foot fluorescent fixtures. Composite housings are UV resistant, impact resistant, and fully waterproof. This product line was designed to be extremely scalable and conforms to a variety of application settings. From surface...

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5) With the included template, mark locations for wire gland through-hole and all mounting holes. Depending on installation, IS Series LED lamps can be mounted with self tapping or machine screws. Drill the appropriate size mounting holes to accommodate #6 screws (again, self tapping or machine screw depending on installation). Surface mount/side exit applications will not need a through hole for the wire gland. ​ lamps do not require mounting IS3 hardware, as the wire gland acts as a friction-hold until mounting adhesive dries. 6) Carefully remove template and drill all holes, making sure...

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LIMITED WARRANTY Macris Industries (MI) warrants this product for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. If the light should cease to function or not perform as advertised, return the complete fixture for replacement. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from actions of the user such as misuse, improper wiring/installation, operation outside of specification, improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modification, lightning strike or damage from a power surge. MI specifically disclaims any implied warranties, merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose and will...

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