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Cargo Handling Book - 116 Pages

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Cargo Handling Book

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Cargo Handling Book Cargo handling solutions for container ships, general cargo vessels and bulk carriers

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Passion for performance – united by the sea MacGregor is a family of innovators. By engineering solutions that make the sea more accessible, safe and reliable, we support you whose livelihood depends on the changing conditions of the sea. To enable that we have a variety of strong product brands and committed experts with a passion for solving challenges – and the power of the sea is sure to provide those. Our founders braved new frontiers in different times and places. Those origins merge at today’s MacGregor, inspiring us to continue the stories, and create new ones. The spirit of our...

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Designed to perform with the sea Find out what we can do for you At MacGregor we aim to make our customers more productive and more competitive in their markets. Everything we do is built on our proven history of innovative engineering and our uncompromising efforts to meet customer-driven challenges. As part of Cargotec, we clearly see MacGregor’s role in the global transportation chain as a trusted provider of services and equipment for marine cargo handling. For other sectors our portfolio extends to offshore load handling and mooring solutions. We listen to your needs and we are pleased...

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Contact Us: Cargo Material Handling MacGregor Sweden AB Sjögatan 4 G SE-891 85 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden Tel: +46-660-294 000 Cargo Stowage & Securing MacGregor Finland Oy Hallimestarinkatu 6 FI-20780 Kaarina, Finland Tel: +358-20-777 4500 Securing Systems MacGregor Germany GmbH Reichsbahnstrasse 72 DE-22525 Hamburg, Germany Tel: +49-40-25 444 0 MacGregor Pte Ltd No 15 Tukang Innovation Drive, 618299 Singapore Tel: +65-6597 3888...

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Container ships Hatch covers Lashing bridges The best container stowage solutions are built around their intended cargo An efficient container stowage solution can only be achieved by treating the ship’s hull and its cargo handling system as a single optimised entity. Consequently, parts of the container stowage system, such as the hatch covers, lashing bridges, container stanchions, loose and fixed container fittings on deck and in the holds, and the cell guide system in the cargo holds, should be considered from an overall container stowage solution point of view, not as separate...

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Container ships Lift-away hatch covers Lashing bridges Fixed container fittings Loose container fittings Container stanchions Cell guide systems in hold and on deck Lashing mock-up tests to verify performance Lashing software Complete hatch cover and lashing bridge steel structure manufacturing GL cargo crane GLE cargo crane LC cargo crane Steering gears Compressors Deck machinery Global lifecycle support MacGregor PlusPartner solutions MacGregor knows how to get all the parts of a cargo handling system to work in unison, ensuring that a vessel sails with the best possible performance.

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The design criteria for a feeder vessel’s container stowage solution differ completely from the criteria for an ultra large container carrier, and so do their container securing systems. Whatever the size of the vessel, MacGregor knows how to design and deliver an efficient cargo handling and stowage system for containerised cargo. MacGregor knows how to get all the parts of a cargo handling system to work in unison, ensuring that a vessel sails with the best possible performance. Building a new container vessel is a major investment and the decisions taken at the early design phase will...

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Container ships Lift-away Hatch Covers The purpose of lift-away hatch covers on container ships is to carry deck cargo, split the container stack between hold and deck and to prevent excessive water ingress into the cargo hold. Depending on a container ship’s width, one to five panels cover each hold opening. The weight of an individual panel can be up to 45 tonnes. Lift-away panels are handled with a spreader using either shore-side container cranes or a vessel’s own cranes. The panels can be stacked together on the quay and/or on the ship’s de

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Hatch cover technical details Sealing solutions Lift-away hatch covers can be either weathertight or non-tight. Non-tight panels are permitted for use on large container ships, while the hatch covers on smaller ships need to be weathertight. Weathertightness between hatch covers and coaming is generally achieved by a sliding seal, which is fitted to the panels and tightens against the top of the coaming. Sliding seals can be fitted to the panel joints, enabling both sequential and non-sequential operation. In the case of non-weathertight hatches, a labyrinth-type gasketless seal and/or an...

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Hatch cover stacking support and lifting device for container spreader Fixed container fittings (container foundations and lashing plates) Stacked covers Hatch cover guide and stopper Container foundation Cell guide Cleating device Wall ventilator Cleats The following two types of cleats are used with lift-away covers: Hold-downs Manually-operated hold-downs, available in various forms, can be fitted to lift-away hatch covers. According to class regulations, hold-down cleats can be omitted in some cases (IACS regulation 14). Quick-acting cleats Quick-acting cleats are actuated from above or...

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Photo: Hapag-Lloyd Guides and stoppers Optimised guiding and stopper arrangements are essential for the proper operation of lift-away covers. Initially, the panels are guided into position by the guides, with final guidance designed into the stoppers. The stoppers are located to provide minimum relative movements between the coaming and hatch covers. For stacking hatch covers, stack marks are provided on the covers. Fixed container fittings Fixed container fittings comprise the container foundations, lashing plates and lifting foundations for the container spreader. Special fittings...

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