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Floating breakwater system

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FLOATING WAVE ATTENUATORS Breakthrough Wave Attenuation Provides Safe Harbor with Floating Breakwaters Today’s global environment demands shoreline and watercraft protection that is eective and environmentally responsible. The MAADI Group uses innovative design and durable eco-friendly material to manufacture the most cost-eective wave attenuation solution: the Composite Floating Breakwater. Our specialized aluminum marine structure integrates the structural strength of extruded aluminum modules with a steel submerged frame and vinyl panels. Aluminum’s low modulus of elasticity, critical energy absorption properties, resilience, and corrosion resistance make it the ideal natural material for Floating Breakwaters (FBs) to prevent shoreline erosion, and protect marine vessels and oating docks from wave damage. 400, Montfort street, Suite 200 Montreal, Qc, Canada H3C 4J9 Tel. : 514.871.0179 / Fax. : 514.373.7225 © All rights reserved MAADI Group Inc. 2011 Version3 EN Aluminum Design and Engineering

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FLOATING WAVE ATTENUATORS Floating Breakwater Design Tough and Effective MAADI Group’s innovative design and quality fabrication improves FB performance and reliability by using custom hollow aluminum extrusion that combines internal links with increased torsional rigidity and high section modulus. Heavy-duty built-in tracks along the edges of each extrusion allow dockside accessories, such as cleats, bollards, ladders, and pedestals to be attached to extruded rails via fasteners. Floating Breakwater MAADI Group FBs are ecient for up to 74 mile-per-hour winds that may generate three-foot...

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