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LIROS Rope Catalogue - 56 Pages

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LIROS Rope Catalogue

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Yacht Rope Industrial Rope

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LIROS - Ropemakers For Quality LIROS is one of the worlds largest rope makers specialising in -Extreme Sports Our technical back up to our customers offers complete support whether it is advice on choice of material, construction, or finish - "The LIROS Total Service" In this catalogue you will find our new and improved range of products including a complete range of mooring and anchor warps Our latest LIROS development "NCS" (Nano Coating System) protects the high performance fibres (PBO®, Vectran®, and Dyneema®) against abrasion and the effects of UV. At LIROS you will always find the...

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Content Page Natural Fibre Rope, Cords 43-45

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High-tech rope manufactured from VECTRAN, extremely low stretch, high strength comparable to wire, high durability and resistance to abrasion, its 32-plait cover makes it very resistant in stoppers and cleats, optimal for halyards and backstays. New type of DYNEEMA rope with a very high breaking load and low stretch with a specially engineered 32-plait cover of high quality spin-dyed Polyester and the core made out of the new generation, new Dyneema fibre, for halyards and sheets. Very extremely low stretch quality high durability and resistance to abrasion very resistant in stoppers...

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UROS - Regatta 2000 02000 UROS - Dynamic Very low stretch rope for halyards, spinaker- and genoa sheets, high tenacity, light and long durability top-performance rope, plaited cover gives excellent resistance to abrasion, additional cover between core which is made out of 100% DYNEEMA and outer cover preventing movement between the two when under extreme load. mi I I I I Heat Stretch System • very high tenacity • light and excellent durability • High performance Polyester in the cover makes it extremely resistant to abrasion • also fullcoloured available (see Herkules Color p. 7) High...

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The LIROS100% pure Dyneema rope with the latest technology in coating technology. The pre stretched 12-braid is extremely easy to splice. Impregnated with a special PU, the resistance to abrasion has improved more than 75%. The pre stretching process further improves the overall performance of the UROS D Pro. These two treatments combined with the fact it is a pure Dyneema rope offer improved performance by as much as 70% over a conventional polyester covered Dyneema. A multi purpose rope with many applications across every sailing yacht. very high breaking strength at smallest diameter...

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UROS - Herkules 00154 UROS - Herkules Color 01550 Very resilient, extremely multi-functional rope of the highest quality, especially designed for sheets, halyards and trim lines, suitable for yachts of every size, very durable and low stretch, easily spliced to wire - thermo fixed. Very good adhesion on winch drums, abrasion resistant cover, nonkinking. Best choice for cruising yacht sailors. very high quality line for the demanding cruising yacht sailor universal usable as sheet, halyard or control line easy to splice and absolutely nonkinking extremely durable also in hard winch use ■ The...

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UROS - Top-Cruising 00152 UROS - Top-Cruising-Color 01528 Very high tensile strength, nonkinking, long lasting sheet out of 100% Polyester. Line for use as mainsail and headsail and spinaker- sheets, ideal for blue water sailing, Easy to splice - heat set. • the traditional sheet forsailingyachts of every size • nonkinking, with abrasion resistant cover, high strength • allround line, easy to splice ■ The coloured alternative to LIROS- Top-Cruising with high quality spin-dyed Options Colours Options Colours Cover construction white/red, white/blue, white/yellow, white/green, white/black,...

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UROS - Prestretch Pre-stretched, low stretch Polyester rope to replace wire halyards, halyards and control lines for yachts of all sizes - heat set. 3-strand twisted or 8-plaited heat set Polyester, white with guarantee yarn in blue/gold or pure coloured. Low-cost allround sheet and spinaker sheet out of high tenacity fibres for cruising yacht sailors, minimal water absorption, easy to handle and resistant to abrasion - heat set. Polyester halyard for smaller boats and traditional cruising yachts 3-strand, very easy to splice low-cost, winch suitable sheet, cover construction with good...

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UROS - Seastar Color 00170/00172 UROS - Seastar Very easy to handle line in 6 different colours, for genoa and spinaker sheets, downhauls, and halyards control lines - heat set. • manageable line in soft plaiting • seawater resilient colour • good identification on deck because of great variety of colours Cover Construction blue, yellow, black Polyester worsted yarn Polyester braided High quality, allround sheet for cruising yachts, with very flexible, soft, easy to grip cover, special version for dinghy sailors in a particularly easy to handle and flexible plait - heat set. high quality...

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UROS - Nautic Low priced and soft sheet out of easy to grip Polyester staple Cover: 16-plait out of spun Polyester, white with colour coding and guarantee yarn in blue/gold. Core: Plait with high tenacity Info ' Working stretch < 9 % • soft and easy to grip • allround sheet Spinaker sheet for dinghies or small keelboats, soft, very light and easy to handle, can also be used as light weather sheet - and water-ski rope, floats, spin-dyed. Round 8-plait, out of UV-stabilized Polypropylene multifilament, 01,5 mm to 5 mm without (see page 40), 0 6 mm to 14 mm with guarantee yarn in blue/gold....

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Tapered, very light-weight, extremely low stretch spinaker sheet with an additional cover out of easy to grip Polyester spun yarn for dinghies, small keelboats or as light weather sheet. Core out of 100% DYNEEMA. ■ extremely low stretch quality ■ very light and easy to grip Colours red/yellow, green/yellow Cover Polyester worsted yarn Core Regatta 2000 (see Page 5) Very light and high quality, individually produced tapered spi sheet with extremely low stretch and high tensile strength thanks to a new construction using a high proportion of DYNEEMA. Only very little water absorption. optimum...

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