Reach Stacker C 4230 - 4535 PDF - 8 Pages


On-board microprocessors constantly measure load weight,

boom-angle and extension; immediately responding to

potential overload conditions by warning the operator and

cutting-out lift-and telescopic reach functions while allow-

ing the operator to-return the machine to-a safe opera-

tional condition.


A powerful low-revving and high torgue engine are

matched with an electronically controlled 4-speed trans-

mission. A multi-pump hydraulic system ensures high

efficient use of energy with optimised speed of operation

and minimal wear on hydraulic components for extended

working life.

Operator comfort

The spacious, cushioned cab, comfort-class seat and inte-

grated, electronically-controlled joystick combines with

effortless hydrostatic power steering and compact steering

wheel to create an intuitive, fatigue-free working environ-

ment that motivates and promotes consistently high pro-

ductivity levels.

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The high performance of the Linde Reachstacker is

matched by the robustness of its construction. The high

guality, heavy duty drive line components are designed

to-ensure maximum performance and durability. Heavy-

duty main structural elements provide stress relief over the

load bearing areas, thus ensuring lifelong product integrity.


The resiliently mounted cab is located centrally for opti-

mum visibility to the top spreader at all times. All-round

visibility is also-excellent when working in confined areas.

Combining these features with superb operator comfort,

intuitive controls and impressive truck performance results

in unsurpassed efficiency and-productivity.

Reach Stacker C 4230 - 4535 PDF
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    Technical data LI 1.5 1.6 Manufacturer LINDE LINDE LINDE LINDE LINDE 1.2 Model designation C4230 TL / 5 C4531...
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    LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE__LINDE C4540 TL / 5 °(2nd Raíl)5 C4026 CH / 5 C4127 CH / 5 C4527 CH...
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    Ast40’20’/5l)ed1626b11b3b1b2a2b10b13Wa0066507420a250040pr40pr110704005053939c143)M 110. 4/4/4lQQ/6650QQQQL3L2L1L3L2L1
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    Rotation30°45°30°45°Model capacity42000 kg42000 kg45000 kg45000 kgDistance (a)4200 mm4100 mm4200 mm4100 mmCapacity (a)25000 kg25000...
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    Container-Load weight and lift height (under twistlocks, without jacks) Toplift Handler - TL C-4230TL /5 27 37 42 42 42 42 25 30 3" 30 30 16 If. 16 16 L2...
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