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Catalogue excerpts

Landolt docking hook Landolt docking-rescue hook MANUAL Landolt docking hook Landolt docking-rescue hook Technical data Aluminium EN AW-7075 forged and anodized / stainless steel AISI 316 / delrin Jaw: 65 mm Maximum load: 25 kN (average static stability: 42.83 kN) Weight: 790 gr. / 640 gr. Snap-lock telescopic pole Technical data Aluminium anodized 4-step click-stops with additionally screw connection Buoyant ¼“ thread for extensive accessories Length: 3000 mm Transport length: 1600 mm Weight: 600 gr.

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Overview of the Landolt docking hook / Landolt docking-rescue hook The Landolt docking hook is a boat mooring hook that can be fastened to moorings with the help of a telescopic pole. Its high tensile strength makes it suitable for use with yachts up to 60 ft. The attached lug is specifically for the purpose of lifting rings and mooring lines that are hanging very close to the pier. The line that is attached to the hook runs back to the boat, where it is fastened to a cleat. The telescopic pole is used simply for placing the hook accurately, and is detached once the hook has been secured. If the...

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Attach the telescopic pole to the hook and keep at the ready in a designated spot on the boat. Guide the hook with the telescopic pole to the mooring or safety vest (chain, ring, shackle, buoy etc.) and attach the hook. Turning the telescopic pole in an anti-clockwise direction closes the latch on the hook, and the pole can then be detached and brought back into the boat.

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Rings or mooring lines which are hanging very close to the harbour wall can be picked up easily using the lug on the hook. Give tension on the line and reach for the hook at the mooring with the telescopic pole. Attach the telescopic pole to the hook by screwing the pole in a clockwise direction. Then, by screwing the pole still further, the safety latch on the hook will open. Use the pole to unhitch the hook and line from the mooring and bring it back onto the boat. Depending on the wind conditions, cast off with slip lines when not using the hook.

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Important information Transport and storage Strong, single-ply corrugated cardboard boxes with an outer layer of kraft paper are used for transportation and space-saving storage. Inside the box, the hook and telescopic pole are safely packed with bubble wrap. The following handling advice for transit is printed on the outside of the box: Handle with care! Breakable! What to do if the device is damaged in transit Always leave the item and packaging as you find it. Do not use the item. Report the damage to the carrier. Contact the retailer within four days. The retailer needs the consignment note...

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Conditions of warranty for only Landolt docking hook / Landolt docking-rescue hook Landolt Systems offers a 12-month guarantee from the date of sale certified by the retailer for faultless operation and the absence of flaws in the materials and manufacture within the terms and conditions governing delivery and payment. After the expiry of the warranty, Landolt Systems offers a further 12 months’ guarantee for damage occurring as a result of a flaw in the materials or a manufacturing fault. In the case of a justified claim, Landolt Systems provides a guarantee in the form of the free-of-charge...

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