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Marine Ropes

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EACH BOAT committed to always offering you made-to-measure solutions for all your needs. Every day, we see it as our mission to share our experience with you and innovative lines for unequalled performance! your boat with colours that are inimitable! place all our know-how at your disposal - quality and innovation are the key values of our company. Thus, our greatest satisfaction is to be able to count you among our partners in order to share with you our passion for fibres and rigging. Nicolas Lancelin Corderie Lancelin, a family business for four generations Joseph LANCELIN, founder of...

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Choose the quality guaranteed by "Made in France" Corderie LANCELIN rigs out the very first racing boats captained by, among others, Alain Colas and Eric Tabarly. Jean-Claude LANCELIN diversifies the company's business by targeting industry, safety and the leisure sector Nicolas LANCELIN moves the company to new and modern premises, bringing a breath of innovation to the business.

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A wind of innovation A tailored response We listen to our clients’ needs, be they technical or aesthetic, and will do all we can to deliver tailored solutions. Every day, we aim to fully understand and predict your needs so that we are able to give you the best possible advice. We strive to be as fexible as possible so that we can meet your individual requirements: from specifc combinations of fbres to personalised splices and custom colours. By keeping production on our sole site in France, we control every stage of production: from the moment the raw threads arrive at the factory right up...

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5 ■ RACING ■ CRUISING ■ CLASSIC RIGGING ■ MOORING AND ANCHORING ■ SAIL LOFT AND SEAMANSHIP Colour range Unique products Anchoring tips Mini glossary Terms and conditions of sale Ocial distributors

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MAIN PROPERTIES SPECIFIC TO THE MATERIALS s every material has its own characteristics, we advise you to consult our Design Department so that we can jointly determine the product that will best meet your needs. Diolen® Very good Very good

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7 Hélios® Albatros® Minos® Millénium® Héolia® Dyneema® and Technora® double braids Pure Dyneema® braid Dyneema® Pure Racing braid D99STAY Technical covers

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Cover: 24-plait mixed Technora* or Vectran* and continuous polyester braid , Core: 16-plait Dyneema* SK78 standard braid or 12-plait Dyneema* SK78 racing braid or SK99 racing braid, polyurethane-coated and pre-stretched High tensile strength and abrasion resistance Good performance in jammers and winches. Easy to splice braid (improved stripping with its polyurethane coating). Black Technora* and Vectran* are recommended for halyards, whilst yellow Technora* is best for sheets • Main halyards • Mainsheets • Outhauls • Genoa halyards • Genoa sheets • Spinnaker halyards • Spinnaker sheets...

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Cover: 24-plait continuous polyester braid Core: 16-plait Dyneema* SK78 standard braid or 12-plait Dyneema* SK78 or SK99 racing braid, PU coated and pre-stretched. The 24-plait polyester cover gives the rope an excellent abrasion resistance that goes hand in hand with its high tensile strength, thanks to its Dyneema* core. Easy to splice braid, recommended for sheets and halyards. For running backstays with long splices on thimbles, a Dyneema* SK99 core is recommended. • Main halyards • Mainsheets • Outhauls • Genoa halyards • Genoa sheets • Mainsail and genoa travellers • Spinnaker...

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Cover: 24-plait continuous polyester braid Core: 12-plait Dyneema* SK78 and Vectran* braid Used almost exclusively as a halyard, this rope is known for being lightweight and flexible, as well as its very low creep. The mixing of two high performance fibres makes Minos a real multi purpose halyard which provides excellent value for money. It is highly recommended for rope backstays. ■ Main halyards • Genoa halyards • Spinnaker halyards • Running backstays • Backstays EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY Find all our products and services on

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Cover: 24-plait Vectran* orTechnora* and polyester braid Core: 12-plait Dyneema* SK78 and Vectran* braid The mixing of two fibres in the core and cover makes this hybrid rope a high performance product with negligible creep. It gives the rope a high tensile strength and abrasion resistance, as well as providing good performance in jammers. This easy to splice rope is recommended in Vectran* for halyards and in Technora* for spinnaker guys and inner forestays. Genoa halyards • Spinnaker halyards • Spinnaker guys • Inner forestays HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH ABRASION RESISTANCE GOOD PERFORMANCE IN...

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Cover: 24-plait mixed Technora* or Vectran* / Dyneema* SK78 / polyester braid Core: 12-plait PU coated and pre-stretched Dyneema* SK78 braid. Heolia* braids were designed specifically for intensive and continuous use. Their mixed fibre cover provides high resistance to abrasion whilst still performing well on winches. The line is easy to splice, and its double braid means that the outer cover • Mainsheets • Genoa sheets • Spinnaker sheets • Gennaker sheets VERY HIGH ABRASION RESISTANCE GOOD PERFORMANCE ON WINCHES *Also available on demand: Vectran® version, take the item reference and...

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LIFELINES Composition Cover: - Lifelines with retro-refective fecks: 24-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 braid with 2 retro-refective threads - Lifelines without retro-refective fecks: 24-plait coated Dyneema® SK78 braid Core: 12-plait PU coated and pre-stretched Dyneema® SK78 braid. VISIBLE AT NIGHT TOUGHER THAN STEEL IMPROVED SAFETY AFLOAT Find all our products and services on This Dyneema® lifeline offers an excellent strength/weight ratio. It’s tougher than steel, and so light that it foats. Hard-wearing, it is rot-proof, U.V. resistant and highly resistant to chemicals. With...

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PURE DYNEEMA® STANDARD BRAID PURE DYNEEMA STANDARD BRAID Composition 16-plait Dyneema® SK78 or SK99 standard braid Characteristics Light and water resistant, high strength braid, with low stretch at break. Low creep. Easy to splice. Good U.V. resistance. Rotproof and buoyant. The grey polyurethane coating which comes as standard helps improve the rope’s abrasion resistance. Its tight braid means a slightly higher stretch, although it provides better resistance to abrasion. It’s particularly good for kitesurfng. The standard version is ideal for lashing. Usage • Lashing • Halyard tensioners...

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