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Sea Lifter brochure - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LA.ME. Nautica a new interceptor active system for control of running trim and list and for damping of pitch and roll motions

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The interceptors SEA - LIFTER can be installed on: • planing boats from 10 mt to 30 mt • semiplaning boats from 10 mt to 30 mt Advantages of Interceptors SEA - LIFTER compared with standard trim tabs • Less drag with same amount of lift which means speed optimisation • Quicker dynamic response when interceptors are operated for pitch STANDARD FLAP ■ No appendages protruding behind the transom, no problems with waterjet reverse waterflow ■ Composite materials eliminating corrosion • No mechanical or hydraulic problems because SEA - LIFTER

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Working principle , because of its electrically operated blade, intercepts the water flow under the hull, giving a high hydrodynamic lift on the bottom hull directly ahead of the transom. This results in a reduced resistance at hump speed and a quicker take off. Hull resistance performance for different blade positions ho: blade fully in h1: blade half stroke h2: blade fully out Technical features of • External standard dimensions = 810 x 180 x 40 mm • Adjustable blade stroke for different hulls SCOPE OF SUPPLY • n° 2 • Total weight 65 Kg • n° 2 Inboard electric servo actuators • Power supply...

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Control panel BUTTON FUNCTIONS TRIM UP: to increase trim angle TRIM DOWN: to reduce trim angle LIST PORT: to increase list port LIST STBD: to increase list stbd The system is operated by an alluminium control panel, dimensions 170x120 mm, press buttons, blade position indicators. Wiring The wiring is reduced to a minimum, in order to semplify the installation procedures. Two cables between electrical cabinet and each , one cable between electrical cabinet and control panel. The electrical cabinet is protected by a 10 A switch. LA.ME Nautica Via Zanica 17/O 24050 GRASSOBBIO(BG) tel. 035/3844604...

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