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One page tri-fold Anchorman System® - 2 Pages

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4 - WAY BASE PLATE & BOUY 4 - WAY SNAP IN DOCKING POST FLOATING BOAT DOCK, SWIM RAFT 1 OR 2 WAY BASE PLATE MOORING 1 - BASE PLATE MOORING & BOUY DOCK LINES TO WATER CRAFT OR RECREATIONAL MARINE PRODUCT DOCKING POST BASE PLATE SAND AUGER ANCHOR FULLY DEPLOYED SAND AUGER ANCHOR FULLY DEPLOYED A flexible and versatile system that can be used for many different marine applications • Boat Slips with Docking Assist Posts (Pilings) • Guest Visitor Boat Tie-up to Your Property • Swimming Area Buoy Anchorages • Anchorages for Recreational Rafts, Water Trampolines, and other Water Toys • Hold Downs for Beached Catamarans & PWC • Solar Panel Support Anchorages Anchorman System®? shop online at www.anchormansystem.com Click the Shop Anchorman System button to purchase. For questions, comments, local installers, or retail opportunities please call us at 1-248-421-1113 or Patent Pending. Copyright © 2009-2014. All Rights Reserved. Registered Trademarks. Patent Pending. Registered Trademarks. Copyright© 2009-2014 LaCivita Design LLC ® A New and ECO Friendly way to Dock, Moor, and Secure watercraft and marine recreation

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An ecologically sound docking and mooring solution for recreational watercraft in waist deep waters What is the Anchorman System® ? Presenting the amazing Anchorman System®, a patent pending Marine Mooring and Docking System designed for simplicity, flexibility, holding power, safety, and ease of use. It provides for the trouble free attachment of your watercraft, docking lines, buoys, docking poles, and marine recreational boat, PWC, and fun marine accessories. It’s designed to eliminate the back breaking job of installing and uninstalling steel and aluminum post piles as the boating season begins...

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