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La Maltière sas

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Capacity : 2 people Engine : 1 to 3 cv Lenght: 2 m 70 Width : 1 m 20 Height: 0 m 35 Weight: 31 kg This model forged our reputation. Light, indostructibo. not at all cumbersome, endowod with pulleys and wedges (ore and aft She will seduce you from the first pull of the oars. Capacity : 2 - 3 people Engine : 3 to 5 cv Lenght: 3 m Of general-purpose size, It's the model any ground by excellence. An engine from 3 to 6 cv. makes wonder, model tested with an engine 9.9 cv. Capacity : 3 - 4 people Engine : 3 to 6 cv Lenght: 3 m 65 Width : 1 m 22 Height 0 n. 41 Weight 49 kg Our model Best seller....

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Ideal for your fishing parties to the carnivores. The model 4000 G Is light, roomy, hyper stable and accessible. This model is what one finds of better on the market. An engine 9.9 cv. Is tempting but seldom usable with full power. Capacity : 6 • 7 people Engine : 6 to 15 cv Lenght: 5 m Width : 1 m 52 Height: 0 m 48 Weight: 87 kg The modele 50006 rest leger but turns out Ideal In working boat or for the sports fishing. The stability of this model is unquestionably excellent. An engine of 6 cv is sufficient but this model can receive easily an engine of 15 cv.

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Equipped with complete equipment, this model will be essential quickly like reference An engine from 3 to 6 cv is enough amply 3 sieges - 2 positions oarsmen As for all the other models, Its flat bottom confers a stability and an exceptional Like it model 4000, it behaves well in turn and dejauge easily An engine 9.9 cv. is tempting but seldom usable with full power

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Design features Flat-bottomed hull, cutting, assembly, shaping, welded out of high strength aluminium and sealed with silicon. All our boats are entirely manufactured by ourselves. 2 mm thickness hull bottom with protection reinforcements. Ribbed sides 1,5 mm thick. Wooden 2 mm transom at the near to provide reinforcement for the motor mount. Central storage chest with flotation. Rear storage chest with a strong latch which can be padlocked. Seats covered with marine polywood. Aluminium pulleys and mooring attachments. Attaching points for various equipment. Wood oars with brass rowlocks....

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