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(((•))) Kockum Sonics General Information ELECTRIC PISTON HORN MT 150 Is an electrically driven piston emitter. It Is built-up of comparatively few moving parts as the 'swinging piston', unlubrlcated cylinder and an oil-free The main Important features are the following: • unsymmetrlcal sound distribution • operates In all ambient temperatures • unaffected by voltage and frequency fluctuations • complies fully with the International Regulations (IMO 1972). Unsymmetrical Sound Distribution The IMO Regulations stipulate a very high sound pressure level for efficient signalling, yet the sound level of the vessel's own signal at the listening posts shall not exceed 110 dBA. A common way to solve this 'paradox' Is to place the whistle very high above deck. But what If the highest point Is not high enough? For example: to reduce the noise from the signal by 6 dB, the distance between the listening post and the whistle ELECTRIC PISTON HORN MT 150 with unsymmetrlcal Sound Distribution Is the solution. The horn with Its unique vertically extended front, and a specially created sound spectrum wll reduce the nolce on deck with 6-8 dB compared to a conven- tional whistle. ELECTRIC PISTON HORN MT 150 will give a high perfor- mance In both arctic and tropical climates. A patented sys- tem with a high efficiency rectangular horn and a specially designed motor will match the motor speed to the acoustic resonance of the horn at any ambient temperature. This sys- tem also prevents the whistle from being affected by voltage and frequency fluctuations In onboard mains. All components are chosen to withstand corrosion and to give a minimum of maintenance. The crankcase and founda- tion Is hot galvanized. The motor Is painted with Epoxy and Polyethane (white). The horn Is made of glass fibre polyester (white). The cylinder Is unlubrlcated and the gearbox Is oil- free. The piston rod bearing Includes a grease reservoir with a special device to minimize the grease losses. Motor Control Our complete Contactor TK 75A/TK 85A Is available for ELECTRIC PISTON HORN MT 150 and has following functlones: - Motor start - Motor overload protection -Winding heating of motor for antl-condensatlon purpose. Technical Data Sound pressure level (notional distance 1 m) According to IMO (1/3 octave band): > 138 dB galvanized model

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Maintenance, Dismantling and Reassembling

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Units can be obtained trom Kockum Somes or their agents. When ordering, please, state name, reference "The motor is the same for 50 Hz and 60 Hz, onlv the gear wheels are différent. Subject to alteration without notice. (((•))) Kockum Sanies

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