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Catalogue excerpts

EVOLUTION Today’s top racers and super yachts make the best use of modern technologies and regularly need state of the art custom solutions. In less than 10 years Karver has become an industry world leader, revolutionizing high end deck hardware through countless innovative solutions. Hetairos - ©Baltic Yachts

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The highest performance blocks on the market : 2% friction, carbon fibre, ceramic and titanium. Modern rope technologies has enabled sailors to get rid of hard metallic attachments for soft lashing with higher working loads. Ceramic ball bearings: ultra high wear resistance PERFORMANCE Low friction ratio even under very high load (Titanium bearings) LIGHT WEIGHT New 2012 – the new design outer casing distributes load even more efficiently, whilst protecting against external impacts. Optimization of the design and use of high-tech components make the KBR extremely light COMPACT The Titanium bearing...

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Varuna KER53 ©Varuna Racing Hydros ©Karver Systems KBTi Mainsail purchase system Titanium car and titanium tracks 5T SWL KBTi Runner blocks 6.5T SWL Hetairos ©Karver Systems Acciona - ©Vincent Leroux - Blew Stoub Nacira 67 Shamlor - ©Christophe Launay KBTi spinnaker sheet system 5T SWL

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Hetairos - ©Baltic Yachts MAX LINE SHEAVE DIAMETER (mm) DIAMETER (mm) Have the block match the colors of your yacht: The assembly of the block is screw free which prevents electrolysis from occurring when Aluminum/Stainless steel are combined and enables us to utilize aeronautical paint finishes.

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Cla s s i c Don’t be mistaken by its elegant design, this is still the best high performance block on the market! A perfect blend of performance and aesthetics, the ground breaking KBR blocks are now available with classic wood finishes. Wood side plates only weighing a few grams and are installed in a matter of minutes to a standard KBR block. Maintenance is quick and easy. Available for the whole KBR range. Large choice of wood finish colors and material.

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SAVOIR-FAIRE Karver was created by engineers and naval architects who are passionate about sailing. From the beginning they teamed up with design and manufacturing experts to provide professional racing teams high end solutions. From personal experience, and through close cooperation with its clients, the company designs innovative deck gear, allowing sailors to race in the most demanding conditions and win the biggest yacht racings events. Among the list: 32, 33 and 34th America’s cup Vendee Globe, Volvo Ocean Race, Speed record (Round the World, nautical mile, etc) L’Hydroptere DCNS - ©Christophe...

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Pure Simplicity Whether you’re cruising or racing, Karver KF Furlers will make sail handling easier for you! By far the lightests on the market Karver furler represent the widest choice available in the industry. Gennakers, Code 0, staysails, jib and solent on structural stays, let’s furl them all! SECURITY - Drum Locking mechanism activated from the cockpit (Patented) - Breaking load over twice the safe working load - Swivel lightness decreases impacts in the mast when hoisting/lowering the sail - Composite spool around the drum to protect the drum, the sail and the deck from impacts - Closed...

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Motive trimaran ©Laurent Apollon Vamonos SIG 45 - ©Lebreton Yachts Full furling solution Structural KFX 8 and 3 KF5 furlers Shipman 80 ©Nicolas Claris L’Hydroptere DCNS - ©Christophe Launay Motive trimaran Vendee Globe - IMOCA 60 fleet 95% of the teams work with Karver Official technical partner Structural KFX20 and 2 KF8 furlers

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SPINNAKER FURLERS Furl your spinnaker ! Unlike traditionnal code sail furling, spinnaker furler starts from the top of the sail. The tack swivel on KSF furler makes sure the furling is safe and does not damage the spinnaker. When is the last time you experienced safely getting rid of 400 sqm of spinnaker clothing in 14 secs (with the sail still dry and in one piece)? KSF furlers have a unique drum locking mechanism operated from the cockpit to make the process even easier. PERFORMANCE The tack line can be adjusted from the cockpit to fine tune spinnaker position and shape Once the luff is tensioned,...

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STRUCTURAL FURLERS Unsurpassed performance ! Installed for 10 years on ocean racing yachts. KFX structural furlers are the perfect balance of performance and safety KARVER ADVANTAGES - Most compact system - Unequalled low weight - Locking mechanism from the cockpit (New 2012) - Low friction bearing - Continuous line or single line drum - Carbon spool on the furling drum ( In option ) Karver, worldwide leader on permanent furling solutions on the IMOCA 60.

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ONE STEP AHEAD Our product ranges have been acclaimed several times within the industry for their ability to mix unmatched performance with innovative design. (2 Sail Pittman Award in the USA, 2 DAME awards nomination at METS Amsterdam, high technology award of the French Nautical Industries Federation) KF Furler KFX Structural furler KFH lock swivel KBti Blocks KMS Main sail track and batten cars Nacira 67 Shamlor - ©Christophe Launay

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LOCK SWIVEL The KFH halyard locks have been tried and tested by the most demanding sailings FOR OVER 6 YEARS in the world’s toughest oceans. Once locked, the halyard is not tensioned anymore. The compression in the mast is halved and halyard wear is minimized. The KFH combines a lock and a swivel to be used with a furling drum. ©Karver Systems ©Karver Systems Karver lock swivels offer easy installation (Especially on existing masts) combined with proven reliability. Halyard stretch is a major factor in the loss of performance in upwind sails. The KFH eliminates stretch and creep ensuring your...

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Hoist the sail until reaching the first end stop. The furling-lock becomes a standard top swivel: just unfurl and enjoy your sail. Simply re-tension the halyard reaching the second end stop. The sail can now be lowered. Mizzen staysail KFH lock swivel 14T SWL Athos 203' Hoek Schooner

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Developed in relationship with the biggest offshore racing teams, the Karver batten cars and track systems are reliable and light weight. PERFORMANCE ©Karver Systems Headboards car design with either halyard locks or lashing attachments. Intermediate cars are built in composite or aluminum accordingly to specifications. Slider or ball bearing cars in aluminum, sliders in Visconti enhancing perfect sliding and long lifetime. The mainsheet track and traveler system developed for the l’Hydroptè is by far the lightest on the market. The Karver exclusive toggle articulation has a very low profile,...

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