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Catalogue excerpts

Never a product has been this soon validated and adopted by the top racing teams, after the success of our super light furling line, the KJ jammers now equip 80% of the new foiling IMOCAs. Thanks to this latest release, Karver reinforces its position as the leader in managing high load applications. With a catalog featuring locks for headsails, mainsails and reef lines, as well as a complete line of jammers, there was only one missing item… The unpredictable Karver gray cells have been shaking up again this year to come up with an internal halyard lock! In this catalog supplement we gladly invite...

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TWO ACTORS: Sailors & sailing yachts THREE MARKETS: Racing – Cruising – Super Yachts FOUR OBSESSIONS (DNA): Performance – Innovation – Design – Service FIVE PRODUCT LINES: Furlers & Locks – Blocks – Deck Equipments (jammers) Mast Equipments – Load sensors ONE COMPANY: European, human sized, based in France (Normandy) with a worldwide distribution & se

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Free flying sail furlers, even lighter and more efficient. Square top headboard car: Headboard car for square top mainsails Internal halyard lock for headsails. NOMINATED New wireless and solar powered load sensor. The only ratchet block that works in either direction. New quick release fitting. External halyard lock (non furling).

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EXTERNAL HALYARD LOCK (NO SWIVELLING FEATURE) • Technology based on our KFH furling lock, proven at sea: reliable and efficient. & • No lashing (economical is safe). to lock and unlock the system. N o used • Thetrip line: the halyardremoved for servicing. cover can easily be • It is possible to unlock the mechanism from there in case of failure • of the halyard, for instance. • The cover can be customized: carbon, classic or neon colors, woody aspect… sensor, available as • Electronic position KFH external furlingan upgrade. A s opposed to our • the KMH is not designed to be used as alock, under...

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TECHNICAL FOCUS: HALYARD LOCK BENEFITS The key performance factors in the world of sailing Jammers, and their weaknesses (line slipping ,wears & hardware are the efficiency, stiffness and weight. tears, and maintenance), become ineffective. For a 50’ boat Every lock mechanism aims to gain these benefits by replacing ropes by mechanical devices. Today, the fabrics used to manufacture sails are more and more advanced (3DL, Titanium, Laminated…) in order to reduce the overall weight of the sail, but also to maintain the shape and minimize the loss of power due to the distortion of the sails over...

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Available for the KMS40, KMS60, KMS80, KMS100 & customs. Many Imoca’s and Super Yacht have used it to sail around the world. KMS halyard locks may be customized (internal and/or external locking mechanism, color scheme, dimension…) and can be manufactured to fit any tracks. Originally designed and installed onboard the MOD70’s, the reefing hook have become popular in the cruising and Super Yacht scene to solve common problems (overload, many friction points, or slipping jammers). The reef locks enable to avoid stretch in lines and gain weight overall. The most famous of our halyard lock! The KFH...

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An important percentage of our sales income is directly related to these product lines. These units, proven at sea, are already installed on many yachts from 18’ to180’! Our top down furlers, featuring a tack swivel, for asymmetrical spinnaker. The reference on the market when it comes to free flying sail furlers (staysail, Code 0, downwind straight luff sails…). The external furling lock, leader on the market for over 10 years, despite recent poor copies. The essential tool to have nearby to greatly increase your strength. The lightest and strongest full batten systems on the market, associated...

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The lighten version of our cam cleat, featuring a technology similar to our competition. Based on the KJ jammer design, it’s now possible to sheet-in with just a purchase system using the Winchless. The latest in our full batten systems dedicated to the smallest units. The organizer by Karver = light, versatility, and design. The first triple block featuring the unmatched KJ3 cam cleat, by Karver. A complete line of reefing lock for cruising, racing and Super Yachts.

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With 12 years of experience working closely with the top racing teams, we have a clear idea about their expectations regarding the solutions we can offer: Efficiency: inimizing the effort when handling the system at sea M (least friction, most compact, least movements on deck…) Stiffness: inimizing the power loss related to distortion M (of the lines, sails…) KARVERIZED MAST Weight: Reducing weight, inertia… Selecting Karver is today your best shot to get the most out of your mast with a complete line of solutions, standard or custom (over 60% of our products are customs!): • Full batten systems...

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IMOCA / OPEN 60 : - Hugo Boss - Banque Populaire - Safran - Edmond de Rotschild… CLASS 40 : - Eärendil - V and B - Le Conservateur - Solidaires En Peloton ARSEP … ULTIM : - Macif - Actual - Prince de Bretagne… AND MANY OTHERS: - GC32 - Diam 24 - Ker 56 – Varuna… From the last Transat Jacques Vabre, here are some statistics about our products onboard: 98 % sail with Karver onboard! sail with a KF/KSF furler sail with our KFH furling lock sail with a KFX structural furlers sail with our KMS mast equipment Some of the greatest teams using our p

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Contact us : Commercial Director : Tanguy de LARMINAT International sales manager : Nicolas COMBY French sales manager: Alois KERDUEL Design office / Racing project manager : JP CONNAN Karver Systems Zone Technique Industrielle Portuaire Avenue Marcel Liabastre 14 600 HONFLEUR Tel : +33 (0)2 31 88 37 98 - Email : Visit our new Website Follow us on Facebook, You Tube & Pinterest Cover © Safran Jean Marie Liot - Graphic design J.A. Souyris Design office / SuperYacht project manager: Quentin LANGEOIRE

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