KARVER CATALOG 2015 - 36 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Since the company’s inception, Karver’s ambition remains the same: to design and engineer systems that contribute to improving boat handling, that are more reliable, lighter and easier to use. Today; amateurs and as well as the best professional sailors trust the efficiency of Karver’s innovations – this makes us extremely proud. Our new KJ rope clutches have been endorsed by the skippers and unanimously voted number one by the sailing media. Our wide range of products now allows us to offer a unique deck layout that offers more Karver solutions than ever before. Do not hesitate to visit our website...

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THE FIRST FURLER WITH A DRUM LOCKABLE FROM THE COCKPIT * This unique drum locking mechanism: - Prevents the sail accidently unfurling. - Removes the need for clutches on the furling line. U NIQUE DRUM LOCKING MECHANISM Q UICK USE CAPTIVE PINS FURLING: Pull on the endless line to furl.( If one accidently releases the furling line the mechanism locks automatically). E XTREMELY LIGHT AND COMPACT Quick fit mechanism to connect Our new range is 35% lighter the cable to the furler swivel and and more compact than the drum. competition. Swivel light weight The furler drum is provided decreases impact...

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FURLERS PURE SIMPLICITY Whether you’re cruising or racing, Karver KF Furlers will make sail handling easier for you! Available for boats from 20 foot cruisers up to 150 foot superyachts. KF furlers feature Karver’s unique drum locking mechanism which operates from the safety of the cockpit. Redesigned rope guide SAFETY FEATURES - Locking mechanism of the drum from the cockpit (Patented). - Breaking load over twice the safe working load. - Swivel lightness decreases impacts in the mast when hoisting/lowering the sail. - Quick fitting mechanism for the sail. - Composite spool around the drum to...

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© Wally - Wally Nano © Stefani Gaspari - Initiatives-cœur EXTREME RACING OR PEACEFUL CRUISING, YOU CAN NOW MAKE SAIL HANDLING SAFER! CONTINUOUS LINE DIAMETER (mm) HEIGHT SWIVEL + DRUM (mm) DRUM ONLY REFERENCE SWIVEL ONLY REFERENCE The breaking loads of our KF furlers are equivalent to twice their working loads. Our KF Furling units are sold with a protective storage neoprene bag.

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SPINNAKER FURLERS FURL YOUR SPINNAKER! KSF top down furler is READY TO HOIST IN SECONDS! Unlike traditional code sail furling, spinnaker furling starts from the top of the sail. The tack swivel on KSF furler makes sure the furling is safe and does not damage the spinnaker. Available for boats from 20 foot cruisers up to superyachts, KSF furlers have a unique drum locking mechanism operated from the cockpit to make the process even easier. Redesigned rope guide The torsional furling cable is independent from the spinnaker. The sail starts furling from the top and finishes at the tack, aptly named...

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FURLING OF THE SPINNAKER IN 3 STEPS Sail unfurled Torsional Furling Cable not included Furling starts from the top Safety and performance: furl them all! CONTINUOUS LINE DIAMETER (mm) DRUM ONLY REFERENCE SWIVEL ONLY REFERENCE TORSIONAL FURLING CABLE (option) Furler used without tack swivel. Tack swivel working load** (T) The sail is ready to be dropped The breaking loads of our KF furlers are equivalent to twice their working loads.

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STRUCTURAL FURLERS High Technology! Under its sleek figure lies a wealth of technology. Installed for 10 years on ocean racing yachts. KFx structural furlers are the perfect balance of performance and safety. WORKING LOAD 12 T WEIGHT 1960 g ! Installed with a structural antitorsion stay, it replaces a traditional forestay or inner stay. © Sealaunay - Bañuls 60 Bañuls Design The latest Karver furling showcase: - months of Research & 8 Development. - Hundreds of numerical simulations. - Dozens of prototypes. - any tests on various bearing M types (ceramic, titanium, beryllium bronze, HR steel, etc.)....

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KF/KSF/KFx OPTIONS CUSTOMISE YOUR FURLER! GDF SUEZ, a leader in the competitive racing Class 40 fleet, is fully equipped with Karver Single Strop Lashing Thimble Halyard Swivel Available for all Karver furlers Available for all Karver furlers Carbon spool Continuous line © Karver Systems - GDF SUEZ Sébastien Rogues & Fabien Delahaye Tylaska Snap Shackle Available for all Karver furlers TYLASKA SNAP SHACKLE REFERENCE SINGLE STROPE REFERENCE LASHING TIMBLE REFERENCE (reference for 1) 2:1 FRICTION SHEAVE REFERENCE 3:1 FRICTION SHEAVE REFERENCE CONTINUOUS LINE REFERENCE HALYARD SWIVEL REFERENCE CARBON...

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FURLING-LOCKS swivel IMPROVE PERFORMANCE The KFH halyard locks have been tried and tested for many years in the world’s toughest oceans. Halyard stretch is a major factor in the loss of performance in upwind sails. The KFH eliminates stretch and creep ensuring your halyard is at perfect hoist everytime and also reduces mast compression. © Lloyd Images - Oman Air Majan The KFH combines a lock and a swivel to be used with a furling drum. Positioning Electronic sensor (optional). Once locked, the halyard is not tensioned anymore. The compression in the mast is halved and halyard wear is minimised. LIGHT...

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APPLICATION EXAMPLES © Karver Systems - Maxi Sodebo GENNAKER/LIGHT GENOA: As most standard sailing yachts do not include a mast equipped with 2:1 halyard purchase for foresails, it becomes easy to have a powerful Gennaker or light Genoa using an accurate setting. STAYSAIL: A better solution than a fixed furler. The sail can be furled and easily stored, leaving the foredeck uncluttered and the genoa free to tack. Upwind performance is unaffected. Stay tensioned from below using friction sheave HOW DOES IT WORK? 1 To lock: Hoist the sail until the first stop engages. The furling-lock becomes a standard...

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Karver rope lashing blocks are far safer than traditional blocks. WHY CHOOSE KARVER’S LASHING BLOCKS? M odern rope technologies have enabled sailors to replace metal connections with soft lashings to enable higher working loads. High working load and low friction ratio (titanium and ceramic roller bearings) Karver blocks are the lightest and most efficient on the market. MODEL SIDE PLATES SIDE BALL BEARINGS CENTRE ROLLER BEARINGS ROPE SHACKLE INCLUDED WOOD OPTION FRICTION RATIO INSTALLATION DOUBLE AND TRIPLE OPTION RATIO WEIGHT TO SWL COST Karver block design has been simplified to the max to...

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