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Catalog Karver 2019

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Our working loads are Maximum Working Loads (MWL). The information and data published in this catalog may differ from actual data. Products may be discontinued without prior notice. The latest version of our catal

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PRODUCT LINES OBSESSIONS technology innovation sailing research    rs3 development durability service MESSAGE FROM CEO Sailing faster or with less effort is often limited by poorly adapted equipment. Finding state-of-the-art devices to simplify deck hardware is embedded in our DNA. This year, we bring you additional support with our revolutionary 4-speed winches: Racers will be amazed by the SPEED range, 6 times faster than a standard winch, when for most sailors, the POWER range will divide their effort on the handle by 3! You will discover in this catalog innovative solutions making...

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Furlers make handling the sail easier thus improving your boat’s performance STRUCTURAL FURLERS TOP DOWN SPINNAKER FURLERS

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PRODUCT BENEFITS WHY CHOOSE A FLYING FURLER? • he furler is a light and removable system that quickly launches the foresails on your sailboat. T Free flying sails come as an addition to your genoa so you always fly the best sail depending on the wind and boat direction. • furled sail is easier to handle and can be readily stored below out of the way. A • he same furler can usually be used for several types of sails: gennakers, stormsails, staysails T and more recently on asymetrical spinnakers. • choice to design our furler with a composite spool around the drum was made to protect fingers...

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Furler recommendation for cruising yachts Furler model depends on boat size or weight, sail area, navigation programs. For further information or in case of doubt, please contact us. BOAT LENGTH Online support Find on our website (Downloads / Library) a list of more than 800 sailboats with our furler recommendations. WHICH <ARV r H FURL F R FDA WHICH MODE L JUGC Mi CH&X EUMMtttUt'tijfrt tjMvFK M* UOOCIE (KF)oa THE SMALLEST FURLER EVER DESIGNED BY KARVER Real Size (1:1 scale)! Captive fast pins Reinforced protection shock absorber 2 in 1 fitting : snap shackle + 2:1 friction sheave FURLERS _...

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FURLER RECOMMENDATIONS (kTD Karver Tack Swivel The KTS (Karver Tack Swivel) is a top down adaptor that enable to convert a bottom-up furler into a top-down unit. The KTS can also remain on the sail to be easily plugged in or stored, which is another major benefit of this product. The furler can then remain on the bow to be used for other sails, or be stored. Our quick release and captive pin mechanism makes it easy and safe to operate the swap in and out. KF + KTS = KSF

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FURLERS PURE SIMPLICITY! Whether you’re cruising or racing, Karver KF Furlers will make handling the sails easier for you! +PERFORMANCE - Extremely light. - Unequally compact. - Low friction bearings. +ERGONOMICS - Composite spool around the drum to protect the drum, the sail and the deck from impact. +EFFICIENCY - uick fitting mechanism for Q the sail. - uick fitting mechanism to Q the deck and halyard. - Fast and captive pins. - uick engagement of the Q continuous line +SAFETY FEATURES - rum locking mechanism D control from the cockpit (Patented). - reaking load over twice the B safe...

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EXTREME RACING OR PEACEFUL CRUISING, YOU CAN NOW MAKE HANDLING SAILS SAFER! MODEL * Each reference includes a drum and a swivel. ** Upgrade. See the OPTIONS pages for other characteristics & other available configurations We custom build our products on a regular basis (fork width, pin diameter, fittings...). Please contact us to discuss your expectations. ► Drum with its fitting ► Swivel with its fitting Lock and spare lock Not in the box : thimble, furling line, anti torsion cable,...and sail! fl t,J J //'    J f//*t tfffi fi* i /it i/it > it iti.

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SPINNAKER FURLERS FURL YOUR SPINNAKER! KSF top down furler is READY TO HOIST IN SECONDS! +SAFETY - Furling can be safely done single handed from the cockpit! +PERFORMANCE - The integrated tack line swivel makes this furler really compact. +UNIVERSAL -The same furler can be interchanged to use with the full inventory of sails: code sail, staysail, or asymmetrical spinnaker. +LIGHT WEIGHT - The difference from a standard KF drum is the addition of an independent swivel on the top which helps keep the system light. Unlike traditional code sail furling, spinnaker furling starts from the top of...

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PACKS SPI: Ordering one of our pack, you will receive all equipments to furl your spinnaker: a KSF drum with its swivel or a KTS adaptor (if you already own a furler) + a furling line equipped with a block + an anti torsion rope with the clamps to adjust the length. Free flying sail furler - Anti-torsion cable is sewn inside the sail luff. - The tack and the head of the sail are attached with a lashing to the antitorsion cable (thimbles). - The sail starts furling from the bottom (like a jib furler). Top down furlers - KF standard furler, features a tack swivel on top of the drum. - The...

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STRUCTURAL FURLERS HIGH TECHNOLOGY! Underneath its sleek exterior lies a wealth of technology. +KARVER ADVANTAGES - Most compact system. - Lightweight. - ocking mechanism from the L cockpit. - Low friction bearing. - Carbon fibre spool available. Installed for 10 years on ocean racing yachts. KFx12 KFx structural furlers are the perfect balance WORKING of performance and safety. LOAD Installed with a structural anti-torsion stay, 12T it replaces a traditional forestay or inner stay. The latest Karver furling showcases: - 8 months of Research & Development. WEIGHT - Hundreds of numerical...

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Halyard swivel option We have developed two ways to hoist and lower the genoa on a structural furler: a halyard swivel sliding on your stay or a halyard lock connected to the top swivel. Compared to a reefing furler, a structural continuous line furler is about 8 times lighter!FURLERS

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