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Catalogue excerpts

Terminal-Tractor „TruckWiesel“ ergonomic, hydrostatically driven and as comfortable as a truck

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The terminal tractor ”TruckWiesel“ – the truck for terminals and logistic yards Compact construction for an 18-tonne 5th wheel load Comfortable low-positioned vehicle access The design of the TruckWiesel from KAMAG Transporttechnik has been tailored to meet the requirements of terminal operations. Daily availability, high turnover rates, safe handling also with different operating personnel are the characteristics which are included in the TruckWiesel as standard. And because the vehicle is also based on numerous other features found in modern-day long-distance trucks, the TruckWiesel is highly...

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Ergonomic, hydrostatically-driven and as comfortable as a truck – TruckWiesel, the new terminal tractor from KAMAG Very manoeuvrable due to its large steering angle For KAMAG´s new TruckWiesel, the same concept that had already been used in the design of the Wiesel swap body lifting truck formed the basis for the develop-ment of the vehicle: using as many as serial production components as possible with all their advantages regarding technological maturity, availability etc. The basis of the new terminal tractor from KAMAG is a robust chassis in a stable welded construction. The front axle, complete...

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Technical data Chassis • Frame: Welded robust steel construction in rear section. Front frame area comprised of MercedesBenz serial components. Front and rear frames bolted together. • Axles: • Front axle fitted with leaf-type suspension and mechanical steering, hydraulically-supported disc brakes. • Rear axle equipped with air suspension. Rigid differential axle complete with planetary drive gearing and drum brakes. • Brake system: Dual-line air brakes with automatic brake pressure control, self-adjusting brakes, air drying device, spring-loaded parking brake. • Electrics/Electronic system: 24-volt...

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Technical data „TruckWiesel“ Total gross weight at 25 km/h Tare weight Perm. fifth wheel load Tractive power Front axle load at max. 25 km/h Rear axle load at max. 25 km/h B Vehicle length (without shunting coupling) C Fifth wheel height min. D Lifting height of fifth wheel coupling (raised) Lifting speed of fifth wheel coupling Outer turning radius Tyres on front axles Tyres on rear axles Driving axle Braking axles Engine (water cooled) Engine performance Engine torque Maximum speed Rear turning radius Vehicle width

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Transport of standard semi-trailers … … up to Jumbo trailers with 930 mm coupling height 690 mm stroke of fifth wheel coupling Refrigerated semi-trailer with fridge unit 7.6 Joystick control for all functions 7.7 Ergonomic two-step access (both sides) 7.8 Clear arrangement of the feeder lines Optimal accessibility to the feeder lines 7.9 Protected and easily accessible tank 7.10 Robust side protection 7.11 Strong loading wedge

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Automatic trailer coupling at rear for 40 mm towing eye, including air and lighting connections (15-pin) Fuel-driven air-air auxiliary heating system with programmable clock Protective roof for driver’s cab with integrated rain water run-off Central lubrication device for front axle and lift device on fifth wheel coupling Rear windscreen wiper (on driver’s side) Heated windscreen External sun shield, transparent Driver’s comfort shock-cushioning seat (make: Grammer, includes seat heating) Paintwork for driver’s cab: metallic colour Paintwork for driver’s cab: standard colour Protective bumper...

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- KAMAG at a glance Special vehicles from KAMAG stand for state-of-the-art technology and special product quality around the world. Reliability in daily operations, high load-bearing capacity and a long service life make the vehicles an important element of modern logistical processes. In a wide range of areas such as smelting works and steel mills, shipyards and off-shore technology, transport vehicles and systems from KAMAG are in daily use. Also in the space industry as well as logistical terminals of large haulage companies and handling centres, vehicles from KAMAG efficiently deal with demanding...

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