Ship Section Transporter Type 1400 - convincing performance capability. - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Shipyard transporter type 1400 – convincing performance capability

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KAMAG – your benefits reliability is standard Shipyard transporters from KAMAG have revolutionized the transportation of individual sections up to complete ships in the shipbuilding industry. Heavy loads of up to 1,000 ton can be moved with only one vehicle. By combining several vehicles to form one large unit, extreme ! nearly 40 years of experience in development and production ! highly developed series standard with the flexibility and customization to meet individual customer requirements loads of 5,000 ton and more can be transported. ! international sales, technical assistance The hydraulic...

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The 1400 series – proven and tested around the world Success through experience The world-wide success of the type 1400 series speaks volumes. Taking advantage of nearly 40 years of experience and integration of modern controls technology, a high-tech, stable , flexible, maintainable, adaptable product series has been developed. The development for different operational conditions and a wide range of special transportation tasks has significantly influenced KAMAG technology for the benefit of our customers. From the small platform elevating transporter to the Megablock transporter, KAMAG offers...

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Reliability – no compromise of safety issues KAMAG pendulum axle technology Hydraulic suspension with hose break protection Best accessibility Safety equipment Heavy-duty design On-board electronic displays

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Additional possibilities – transport with modular transporters type 2400 Regardless of the transportation assignment, KAMAG always provides the most appropriate solution. This applies to the transporters required for moving ship segments in addition to the transportation of complete ships. It depends on having the highest possible load-carrying capacity while ensuring a high level of stability in each vehicle in order to bring the sensitive load safely and carefully to its place of destination. Modular type 2400 transporters from KAMAG fulfill these requirements. All load-bearing components have...

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Technical data – proven performance capability Three or four-point suspension system FR Depending on the application, the hydraulic support for the pendulum axles can be switched to 3 or 4-point suspension. This means that optimal axle compensation is available for every transportation task. These adjustments ensure safe and careful transport for both the vehicle and load. Axle compensation The pendulum axle technology from KAMAG also sets benchmarks in this category. On uneven ground, the functional axle Payload Dead weight (kg) approx. (kg) approx. compensation automatically provides uniform...

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Pendulum axles – technology to move you The core element The KAMAG pendulum axle technology has revolutionized the world of special and heavy transportation. The basic characteristics of every KAMAG pendulum axle are the ability to carry extremely heavy loads with precise steering capabilities. The stable, wear-resistant design gives reliable and problem-free use. spaces. Different steering modes can be carried out with great precision using KAMAG pendulum axle technology. Thanks to the steering angle of 100 degrees in both directions, the pendulum axle technology from KAMAG makes the shipyard...

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Competence – KAMAG at a glance Special vehicles from KAMAG stand for state-of-the-art haulage companies, vehicles from KAMAG efficiently technology and special product quality around the deal with demanding transport assignments. world. Reliability in daily operations, high load-bearing The company was founded in 1969 and is based in the capacity and a long service life make the vehicles an southern German town of Ulm. The history of vehicle important element of modern logistical processes. In a technology for heavy transport vehicles is closely con- wide range of areas such as smelting works...

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