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Catalogue excerpts

- Self-Propelled Modular Transporters

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- Self-Propelled Modular Transporters KAMAG – Your Benefits KAMAG modular transporters have been designed for transporting large and heavy loads. Whether the load concerned is extremely large or has a high centre of gravity-modular transporters from KAMAG will move it safely to its destination. ■ Simple and maintenance-free hydraulic steering system proven for nearly 40 years. ■ High quality main brand proprietary components. ■ Choice of standard or heavy-duty type construction for extra payload capacity. ■ Electronic processors in each modular unit and PowerPackUnit (PPU) for a wider choice of...

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World record 15,000 tons bound for the sea. For a roughly 200 metre long transport of an oil separator system (85.3 m x 67.5 m) for waste water treatment, module transporters were electronically coupled to each other and operated by remote control. This involved a total of 540 axle lines with 2,160 wheels from the TII Group. - Advantages of the new developed modular transporter Loadable on container flat racks due to compact vehicle dimensions Frame with the highest load capacity while having the highest bending moment of its size Steering angle of +130°/-100° Drive system with electro-hydraulic...

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Front view Front view PowerPack Drive unit PowerPack PP-K24 Load capacity Dead weight Total weight Wheel bogie load Combinations (Examples for type ST) Total weight Tractive force Gradient by total weight Braking power Data are based on the following: 4-axle module K 2404 ST Dead weight ≤ 19 t Speed 0.5 km/h · Rolling resistance 0.025 6-axle module K 2406 ST Dead weight ≤ 27 t *The respective payload must be reduced by the weight of the particular Power Pack that is used. The tare weight of the Power Pack is 6,5 t.

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Vehicle combinations and steering modes KAMAG Control Technology KAMAG offers a reliable control technology for the special requirements in heavy load transport. This technology synchronizes all functions between the individual vehicle units. In coupling mode, a transport unit is defined as “Master Unit”. All other transport units – regardless of how many are arranged in the coupling mode receive their respective control commands for steering system, drive system, brake, etc. from this Master. Mechanically-coupled vehicle combination (example) By means of connecting elements (spacers), transporter...

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PowerPackUnit (PPU) In the switch box of each PowerPackUnit is a touchscreen display installed. On this display, all vehicle or combination data can be entered and checked. Due to the integrated diagnosis system all parameters, operation states and current values can be displayed. Therefore, troubleshooting is much easier than before. Another advantage is the language setting on the screen, with this the whole operating manual can be displayed in the respective national language. An axial piston pump with pressure regulator provides the oil flow for the lifting-, steering- and braking systems....

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Details Additional equipment for all transportation applications Alternativ - hydraulic vehicle coupling system Combined cable and radio remote control Driver‘s cabin Hydraulic couplings Connecting the modular unit and power Hydraulic vehicle coupling system Axle compensation Diagonal steering

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Competence - KAMAG at glance Special vehicles from KAMAG stand for state-of-theart technology and special product quality around the world. Reliability in daily operations, high loadbearing capacity and a long service life make the vehicles an important element of modern logistical processes. In a wide range of areas such as smelting works and steel mills, shipyards and offshore technology, transport vehicles and systems from KAMAG are in daily use. Also in the space industry as well as logistical terminals of large haulage companies and handling centres, vehicles from KAMAG efficiently deal with...

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