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Catalogue excerpts

[Interchangeable Lifting Truck „Wiesel“ Swap to profit G

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[Interchangeable Lifting Truck „Wiesel“ 2.1 Clear growth rates in the transport of goods which has also led to an increase in combined transport operations - require additional special solutions for companies internal transportation activities. At largelogistics centres, major parcel service providers, terminals and forwarders‘ yards, swap bodies must be moved and transported, trailers and semi-trailers shunted and pulled. These on-site operations offer a high degree of rationalization potential, for example, if the handling process can be accelerated and organised more safely. With the KAMAG...

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Speed and cost-effectiveness are the key factors that count. Many years of use along with the experience of our customers have shown that the „Wiesel“ is the more economical vehicle variant for 50 or more trailer movements per day. A high level of driving safety, fewer shunting procedures and less damage to the landing legs of the swap bodies as well as a considerably lower fuel consumption than older types of tractors - the „Wiesel“ provides proven versatility in daily operations. The continuously variable overall lifting height of approx. 500 mm ensures optimal clearance for moving swap bodies...

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[Technical data Chassis ■ Frame: Welded, extremely robust steel construction. Frame has been designed for equal load distribution (uniformally dis tributed load). Adjustable stop gauge at the front, guiding wedges at the front and rear, lo cking with 2 height-adjustable twist locks at the front, for safe use with different container sizes. ■ Axles: Full hydraulicall steering (orbitrol) axle complete with air suspension at the front, also steerable when standing. Air suspended, rigid differential axle with external planetary gearing at the rear. ■ Electrics/Electronics: 24-volt dynamo, two starter...

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Design The KAMAG interchangeable lifting truck is a specially-designed vehicle equipped with hydraulic lifting gear, primarily suitable for change-over transport of swap body containers with lengths ranging from 7,150 mm to 8,130 mm (according to DIN EN 284), as well as shunting of trailers in one-man operations on surfaced roads or depots. All safety measures and regulations (accident prevention, Road Traffic Licensing Regulations etc.) have been taken into consideration during construction in order to guarantee the vehicle‘s continuous and safe use. The semi-low floor PowerPack functions as...

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[Technical data Lifting Truck - Model Total weight at speed 25/50 km/h* Dead weight Pulling power Front axle load at speed 25/50 km/h Rear axle load at speed 25/50 km/h B Vehicle length (with shunter coupling at front) Vehicle width Drive-under width at rear Width of lifting frame C Loading surface height min./max. D Lift height of lifting frame (continuously adjustable) Lift height of the undercarriage Total lifting height Lifting speed at approx. 2,000 U/min Inner turning radius Outer turning radius Ground clearance unloaded/loaded Tyres: front axle Tyres: rear axle (M+S profiles) Drive axles Braking...

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Rear view with standard underride guard, trailer coupling and set high LED warning lights Driver´s cab complete with full suspension Joystick control for forward and reverse driving, lifting frame designed for one-handed operations Low-level access to driver´s cab Lifting frame access directly behind the driver´s cab Larger steering angle for maximum manoeuvrability

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[Additional equipment / Options Photo Hydraulic liftable and lowerable fifth wheel with increased lifting range from 1,020 mm to a maximum lift height of 1,500 mm. Rocker arm as a reinforced and torsion-resistant construction (13 t fifth wheel load), including access ladder behind the driver´s cab 51000049 Hydraulic container locking mechanism on the front supporting beam instead of both manually-operated twist locks, with control instruments in the driver‘s cab for locking the swap body in position whilst seated in the driver‘s cab 51000045 Automatic annular-sprung trailer coupling at the front...

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Solid protection plate mounted on the front of the driver´s cab (not in connection with trailer coupling at the front and not in connection with TÜV in Austria and Switzerland) 51000498 Rear view camera with 7“ colour monitor (flat screen) in the driver´s cab 51000061 Audible warning signal for reversing 51000057 Windscreen wiper for rear window on the driver´s side 51000065 Lockable plastic toolbox at the rear left 51000067 Telescopic marker lights mounted on the driver´s cab (manually actuated); a total of five LED working floodlights 51000066 Snow plough mounting including municipal frame at...

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[Additional equipment / Options Photo LED working floodlight at the rear, activated together with the other working floodlights via one single switch 51000060 Additional Duomatic coupling head at the rear for trailers 51000056 Additional Duomatic coupling head at the rear for fifth wheel 51000495 Central lubrication unit with swap body lifting device connection for the fifth wheel (without connection for the fifth wheel coupling or other automatic trailer couplings) 51000055 Central lubrication unit without the fifth wheel (without connection for other automatic trailer couplings) 51000054 Fixed...

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Air-cushioned and heated driver´s seat, individually adjustable with quick-lowering mechanism. Luxury-comfort suspension seat. Make: Grammer 51000080 Additional 12 V power socket in the driver´s cab 51000087 2 kg fire extinguisher in the driver´s cab 51000051 CD/radio with Bluetooth for hands-free speaking system with mobile telephone 51000075 Preliminary set-up for CB radio 51000076 Electrically-heated windscreen 51000074 External sun visor 51000084 Reading lamp 51000086 Flashing beacon, electronic (Xenon) on driver´s cab roof 51000502 Fuel tank cap, lockable 51000089 Biodegradable hydraulic...

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- KAMAG at a glance Special vehicles from KAMAG stand for state-of-the-art technology and special product quality around the world. Reliability in daily operations, high load-bearing capacity and a long service life make the vehicles an important element of modern logistical processes. In a wide range of areas such as smelting works and steel mills, shipyards and off-shore technology, transport vehicles and systems from KAMAG are in daily use. Also in the space industry as well as logistical terminals of large haulage companies and handling centres, vehicles from KAMAG efficiently deal with demanding...

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