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Robinson - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Have you ever dream about your own boat -- the boat you know in every detail and can trust her? The boat which will take you, your family and friends for dynamic and comfortably sailing when you would be able to impose on them by your work and skills. The time when you built her with your own hands you could remember as a grand adventure. You will decide if such a beautiful dream is worth to fulfill. Just in case we would like to help you. At present you are able to realize your passion and to build your own sailboat much simplier and faster than you would be able to do it We have prepared a special kit for self-building with ready-made elements of the yacht. This hard and complicated work we did instead of you. Your tasks are pleasant operations only, that is why you will save a lot of time and worries. Do not worry about anything — from now on you are not forced to be an expert. A very well-illustrated Assembly Manual will lead you by the hand showing you step-by-step how to build the yacht within a few weekends. When you unpack the kit, when you start to assembly particular elements between them you will be enraptured how good you get through with the boat and how quickly she rises in front of you. What is more you do not need special tools. All possible operations that require special tooling we did instead of you. TECHNICAL DATA hull length sans area hull weight

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If you want to spend the time nicely and usefully with your children then invite them to help! The Robinson do-it-yourself kit has been designed for the entire family to allow also children build the boat safely and ably. Remember that all unsafe operations we did instead of you. All the elements are already done and what you need is connecting them. What remained to do is similar to modelling or jigsaw puzzle arranging. Imagine that there are the elements connected even in ¡igsaw puzzle-like manner! If you have any doubts then think what is better for your children -- to play the computer games...

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