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kaiserwerft-catalogue-2013 - 152 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

Explore. Dream. Discover. “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

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Contents 4-9 The new Kaiser-45 The Evolutionary project with Electro Magnetic Propulsion System will be first Mega Yacht application in the World on our 45m project. 10 - 21 Overview 10 About KaiserWerft 12 Shipyard 14 Production 16 Craftmanship 18 Quality 20 Personalised Design 28 - 105 Motor Yachts 30 Catwalk 44 Charisma 56 Ocean of Love 66 C’est La Vie 76 Perfect Harmony 86 Blade 98 Cloud 9

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The new Kaiser-45 In cooperation between KaiserWerft and Voith a new 45m project has been initiated just now. The Evolutionary project with Electro Magnetic Propulsion System will be first Mega Yacht application in the World on our 45m project. The semi displacement 45 m Yacht will be fully build in Kevlar and Carbon so the weight of the yacht will be optimized in a perfect way. The (electromagnetic) propulsion is powered by a Diesel electric system (Gen-Set) and new electric propellers from Voith Germany. Due to the Diesel electric system there will be less fuel consumption, less pollution and...

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Voith Inline Propulsor System In collaboration with Kaiserwerft shipyard, Voith is driving numeric and tank tests since long time in Vienna Model Basin Ltd. New Super Light Carbon Fiber 45mt of Kaiserwerft will use the revolutionary Voith Inline Propulsor System for a better efficiency and more economical cruise. Major advantages at a glance • Environmentally friendly design with water-lubricated bearing system • Significant noise and vibration reduction • Significantly reduced space requirements • Reduced weight • No dynamic sealing needed • Exceptionally high dynamic performance of the thruster...

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Carbon Fiber Structure Dynamic Positional System Alarm Monitoring Control System Carbon has excellent fatigue life and is extremely strong and rigid. When combined with a core material Carbon Fiber will deliver substantial weight reduction. • Intuitive Graphical User Interface • Adaptive control algorithms • Optional operation via joystick • Positioning up to 0.01 m./° accurate • Rapid switching between AP/DP mode • Drap & Drop vessel positioning Alarm Monitoring Control System is the perfect automation solution for medium to large size vessels. It can be used as a stand-alone Alarm Monitoring...

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fig. 2. Specific Fuel Consumption diesel engines 320 For ships with a rather constant speed, such as container vessels running 90% of the time at cruising speed, the classic diesel direct propulsion provides a very good solution because the propulsion drive train can be optimized to this point of operation. With yatchs with a varying speed profile optimizing a diesel direct propulsion still can be done but a large portion of the operating time the yatchs will sail in a non optimized operation point. Operation below 40% will lead to excessive fouling of the diesel engine and with that to higher...

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Propulsor Integration - Duct/Ship Interaction Flow Pattern at 14kts - Waves Flow Pattern at 19kts - Waves

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Made by KaiserWerft, Loved by the World We believe we are not just making yachts, we are making our customers’ lives better. That is why “Made by KaiserWerft” is now a brand that is trusted and loved all over the world. KaiserWerft’s legendary 40 meter yacht Catwalk is nominated as Best Yacht of the World.

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About KaiserWerft KaiserWerft has been building yachts from 31 meters to 41 meters in length since 1989. Having built over 20 luxury Mega Yachts, like “Charisma”, “Ocean of Love”, “C’est la Vie”, “Perfect Harmony” “Cloud 9” and the legendary 40 meter yacht “Catwalk”, have set new standards in super yacht design and construction. KaiserWerft’s designers, engineers and highly skilled craftsmen have used and continue to use the most up to date equipment, technology and materials to create and build yachts for minimum fuel consumption and low maintenance. KaiserWerft is proud of the high level of...

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The shipyard, where creativity means perfection. A place where, with careful thought, dreams are turned into original creations. A place where unique yachts are built, soon to sail the widest oceans for months at a time. A place where the bywords are quality, rigour and care at all times, from the latest technology to the very last loving touch of the craftsman as he completes his unique creation.

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Kaiserwerft’s new perspective KaiserWerft GmbH has been completely reorganized. Our new management team has located its newest production facilities in Rostock, Germany and the Free Trade Zone of Antalya, Turkey. Our new facilities in Germany and Turkey cover 26.000 square meters of working space, and together they are one of the biggest shipyards in Europe. We operate with the newest production equipment and have completely updated our production procedures. Our new facilities make it possible to produce the highest quality yachts, up to 86 meters in length, at the lowest possible cost.

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Making Your Dreams Come True Customers have different needs, different tastes, and different lifestyles. Our state-of-the-art shipyards makes yachts that fit the lifestyle of each and every one of our customers.

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Your dream. It is our desire, to convert your vision into a yacht of your dreams. Our engineers and designers have designed and are building the Global Explorer Series of yachts up to 86 meters in length using the highest quality materials and the same quality of workmanship for which KaiserWerft has been known for over 20 years. Our experienced technical team and the well trained, dedicated and experienced workforce of highly trained craftsmen along with the latest production techniques allow us to produce high quality, low cost custom designed yachts faster than many other shipyards. Each production...

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No perfection without passion. Our craftsmen respect the materials they use and we all share a passion for perfection that is reflected in the superb build quality which is our hallmark. Indeed, we have worked hard to build our reputation for excellence.

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