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Catalogue excerpts

Reciprocating Compressors EUROCOMP Series Flow rate from 112 to 1050 l/min – Pressure 10 and 15 bar

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Great a quality for long partnership EUROCOMP - Tough compressors for tough jobs KAESER’s EUROCOMP series stationary reciprocating compressors have successfully served trade and industry for years. The choice of horizontal, vertical or free-standing air receivers allows these highly versatile compressors to be installed in any location. Low compressed air temperature With numerous cooling fins, additional cooling pins in the compressed air outlet and a large fan wheel, the high-efficiency cooling system in EUROCOMP reciprocating compressors keeps oil and compressed air temperatures to a minimum....

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EUROCOMP SeriesQuality in every component Non-corroding valves    Made in Germany KAESER-quality compressor block Made from premium grade materials and subjected to rigorous inspection, each KAESER compressor block is meticulously machined and assembled to ensure outstanding delivery performance, efficiency and durability. The valves in EUROCOMP compressors feature stainless steel valve reeds and lift limiters which prevent carbon build up and improve heat dissipation. Valve closure performance and service life are also significantly enhanced. Highly effective cooling With numerous cooling fins,...

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EUROCOMP Series The right model for every need Horizontal air receiver version The horizontal air receiver versions of EUROCOMP reciprocating compressors are popular for workshop applications. The space-saving version with vertical air receiver. All air receivers (up to 350 l), whether vertical or horizontal, feature a corrosion-resistant internal coating. “Base-mounted” version Optional sound enclosure Perfect as replacement equipment, or for connection to existing systems with an available compressed air receiver, base-mounted units are also available for stand-alone use. Vertical air receiver...

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Equipment Application Compressor • Air-cooled compressor block with oil ring lubrication (splash oil lubrication up to 2.4 kW) • Air inlet filter with silencer • Aluminium cylinder heads and additional cooling pipes ensure excellent heat dissipation • Multi-chamber, aluminium ring cooler also serves as a fan guard (3 kW model upwards) • Lightweight, low noise reed valves • Oil filler, oil vent, oil drain plug and oil level sight glass • Motor directly coupled to the compressor block • Compressor, motor and air receiver fitted with anti-vibration mounts, flexible hose connection between compressor...

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EUROCOMP - Packages with vertical compressed air receiver

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Choose the required grade of treatment according to your field of application: Application examples: Selection of treatment classes to ISO 8573-1 (2010) Air treatment with refrigeration dryer Solids Water Oil Paint spraying, powder coating Packaging, control and instrument air Compressed air quality classes to ISO 8573-1(2010): *) At reference conditions 20 °C, 1 bar(a), 0% humidity LGAin/totefCert Certified QM/EM System ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 P-314ED Specifications are subject to change without notice .18/16 KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE P.O. Box 2143 - 96410 Coburg - GERMANY - Tel +49 9561...

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