Heat Recovery for Hot Air and Hot Water - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Heat recovery For hot air and hot water applications

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Saves money and benefits the environment Heat recovery Why recover heat? The question should in fact be: Why not? Amazingly, 100 percent of the (electrical) energy input to a compressor is converted into heat. Up to 96 % of that energy can be reused for heating purposes. This not only reduces primary energy consumption, but also significantly improves the total energy balance. Heat recovery Savings Gas heating € 284 to € 47,759/year Heat in the compressor Amazingly, almost 100 percent of the electrical drive energy input to a rotary screw compressor is converted into heat. total electrical power...

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Heat recovery Minimise primary energy consumption for heating The enclosed, compact design of modern rotary screw compressors makes them especially suitable for heat recovery. Direct use of the recyclable heat via a ducting system enables up to 96 % of the compressor’s total energy requirement to be recovered and used for heating purposes. This is the case irrespective of whether fluid-injection cooled compressors or dry-running screw compressors are used. Heat recovery a win Amazingly, 100 percent of the electrical energy input to a compressor is converted into heat. From that, up to 96 percent...

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Heat recovery Minimise energy consumption for warming of process, heating and service water Using recyclable heat from the compressor, heat exchanger systems can provide on-demand heating and service water warmed to temperatures up to 70 °C, or even 90 °C, depending on requirement. Conventional warming of heating and service water using recyclable heat is performed by PTG plate heat exchanger systems. Special fail-safe heat exchangers are recommended for applications that have no other interconnecting water circuits and where it is essential that the water being warmed remains uncontaminated,...

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Heat exchanger (Internal) Hot air heat recovery All KAESER-rotary screw compressors can be fitted with exhaust ducting. The ducting is installed on-site. Adjacent rooms and warehouse space, for example, can be heated with the warmed cooling air. Application: Drying processes, heating of halls and buildings, air curtain systems, pre-heating of burner air. PTG plate heat exchanger system Cold water Air-cooled rotary screw compressor Hot water Rotary screw compressors from the SM series (from 5.5 kW) upwards can be equipped with PTG systems. Depending on the size of the compressor system, the PTG...

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Technical specifications Heating cost Heizkostensavings Einsparung Heating cost Heizkostensavings Einsparung €/Year €/Jahr €/Year €/Jahr Maximum available Maximal verfügheating bare Wärmecapacity leistung Heated water volume Warmwassermenge Heated to 70 °C Aufheizung auf 70 °C Potential fuel oil savings Heizöl-Einsparpotential Potential natural gas savings Erdgas-Einsparpotential Installation Platzierung of the PTG des PTGsystem Systems Heating cost Heizkostensavings Einsparung Heating cost Heizkostensavings Einsparung Int./ext. int./ext. €/Year €/Jahr €/Year €/Jahr maximum available heating capacity: maximum...

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The world is our home As one of the world’s largest compressed air systems providers and compressor manufacturers, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners. With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive edge by working in close partnership to develop progressive system concepts that continuously push the boundaries of performance and compressed air efficiency. Moreover, the decades of knowledge and expertise...

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