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HYDRO DYNAMIC & AERODYNAMIC Racing Yacht Industry Founded in 2003 and a pioneer in CFD for Racing Yachts, K-EPSILON is an innovating leader in the global simulation of Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic. We provide customized software solutions and numerical studies to simulate and predict the behavior of complex systems in a Marine environment. By choosing K-EPSILON, you will gain access to the most advanced technology in the field of fast and accurate CFD simulation, unsteady FSI computation, highly-automated mesh, computations and post-processing. K-EPSILON Services and Support K-EPSILON provides to the Racing Yacht industry a full range of customized software, solutions and services "à la carte" in : ■ Unique Expertise Transfer in complex CFD analyses and case studies ■ Consulting : Numerical Studies and Advanced Analysis in CFD ■ Off-site and ln-site Customized / Dedicated Training ■ Technical Support (Advanced Hot Line) ■ Tailor-suited Solutions & Customized Developments of our Software ■ Integrated Software Platform (Flexible Licensing Agreements) K-EPSILON Software & Customized Tools FINE™/Marine is a fully Integrated platform of Computational Fluid Dynamics dedicated for Marine applications based on fully hexahedral un-structured Grid System combining : ■ HEXPRESS™ : Automatic Full Hexahedral Grid Generation ■ ISIS-CFD™ : 3D Unstructured Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver ■ CFView™ : Computational Field Visualisation System ■ FINE™ GUI : Interactive Graphic User Interface K-EPSILON™ Innovative Tools provide feature-specific capabilities dedicated to specific areas of application : K-Optimiz®: Automatic Design Optimization Tool K-4inl®: Automated Workflow (CAO, Mesh, Post-Processing Steps) K-FSI®: Fluid Structure Interaction Software

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With the latest innovation Increase your Ensures fast, automated development & execution Improved prediction quality with highly reliable simulation Enables your team to easily take advantage of Choosing K-EPSILON Software, Support and Services Key Benefits in using our expertise and customized software solutions: ■ Time savings & Reduced costs ■ Tools for simple to complex applications ■ Team of experts on numerical hydrodynamic ■ Adaptative approach to project targets, schedules and cost constraints Innovative and Advanced Technology for Better Products K-EPSILON impressive capabilities are...

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