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HYDRODYNAMICS & AERODYNAMICS Foil deformation with Fluid Structure Interaction K-EPSILON is an innovating leader in the global simulation of Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics. We provides solutions (RANS CFD) to simulate and predict the behavior of complex systems in a marine environment. By choosing K-EPSILON, you will gain access to: ■ High level of expertise in with 10 years of CFD experience ■ Numerical studies and customized reports Innovative and Advanced Technology for Better Products K-EPSILON's impressive capabilities are due to its continuing investment in product development and research via prestigious French research centers such as ECN, IRenav, INRIAand CNRS. Key Expertise For Naval Applications Computation of ship resistance with or without appendages, at model or full Optimization of ships' hydrodynamic performance : minimization of the resistance, power, wake, the wave field... Computation of maneuverability coefficients in pure drift, pure gyrating, or combined drift and gyrating cases. Simulation of forced motions (PMM) and unsteady steerage (IMO)... ■ Added Resistance in Waves and Sea keeping: Added resistance calculation of a ship in waves, sea keeping computations in regular or irregular waves, mono or multi directional waves. Simulation of slamming or green water impacts on a ship... Computation of self-propulsion, podded propulsion, cavitation, propellers and ducted propellers, pump jets, water jets, etc. ■ Fluid Structure Interaction: Unsteady computations of the deformation of flexible structures simultaneously with the fluid behavior, e.g. soft membranes, towed cables, foil deformations, mast breaking, response to dynamic events, etc. Our Key Customers in the Marine Sector Van Peteghem [ ) Lauriot Prevost BUREAU MAURIC { Architecture k ingenierie navales

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Key Expertise for Fluid Structure Interaction ■ ■ Current coefficient Fluid Structure Interaction computations simulates the deformation of flexible structures simultaneously with the fluid behavior. K-EPSILON’s innovative and efficient FSI algorithm requires only 30% more computational effort than a computation without FSI. Our expertise includes ■ Hydrofoil Deformation : FSI computation of the Groupama 3 trimaran’s hydrofoil ■ Soft Membrane : FSI computation of sail movement subject to aerodynamic flow with RANS CFD. Performance and sails shape prediction ■ Response to Dynamic events : Simulation...

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