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Vacuumarator low-res brochure

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™ Sanitary Systems – made to please 1

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™ ™ The patented Vacuumarator™ pump is the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator for vacuum toilet systems. The Vacuumarator™ pump ensures that vacuum capacity does not decline over time. In-line installation combined with a small footprint allows unique installation flexibility and weight savings. A Vacuumarator™ pump can pump directly to a sewage treatment plant, collecting tank or overboard. It can also be used for discharge or transfer. The Jets™ Vacuumarator™ pump has a proven record for low maintenance, with a transparent cover to make inspection easy Monobloc design...

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In-line design allows easy installation and a flexible layout. The sewage is collected, macerated and discharged in a single-pass operation. No recirculation means no foaming and 40 % lower energy consumption The integrated macerator grinds waste to a fine pulp for optimal transport and feed to the STP The helical screw and liquid seal ensure efficient vacuum production Continuous flow with no increase in temperature will enhance any downstream treatment process Jets™ has the most efficient vacuum generator on the market – enabling a small motor with low energy consumption ™ Sanitary...

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™ Years of practical experience in a wide variety of marine applications go into providing dependable systems that save time, money and stress on board. RELIABLE With few moving parts, the Jets™ Vacuumarator™ pump is the most reliable vacuum generator available for vacuum toilet systems – for inspection and easy access to the pump’s inlet All materials are rated for marine sanitation – the metals used are corrosionresistant The integrated macerator grinds waste to a fine pulp for optimal transport and feed to the STP The helical screw principle uses liquid to create the seal, minimizing...

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technology - dependable performance Jets™" precision SAVE COSTS Highly efficient vacuum production enables a small motor

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- more than 20.000 operating compact system which has proved very popular - with a total weight of Impressive efficiency from a unit with a total weight of only 37.6 kg

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Flushing capacity at 50 Hz: 190 flushes per hour Flushing capacity at 50 Hz: 520 flushes per hour Flushing capacity at 60 Hz: 240 flushes per hour Flushing capacity at 60 Hz: 600 flushes per hour A versatile model suitable for a wide variety of applications Maximum capacity – serves passenger ships smoothly and efficiently 7

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“I used to work for an agent which offered sales and service for the market leader in marine vacuum toilets. Customers told me what worked – and what didn’t. They told me about the frustrations of toilet systems on board. “My challenge: to combine the vacuum and sewage in a single stream. I chose the helical screw, which had never been used for this purpose before. It ought to save space, maintenance, and costs, while improving reliability. Eventually, the macerator turned out to be the answer. But this was just the beginning.” Macerator Tank All this experience gave me ideas for improving...

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The Jets™ Millennium Evolution: “I took out one of the motors and one of the tanks. I integratedthe macerator to streamline the design. The results exceeded all my expectations: twice the capacity at half the cost. The Jets™ Vacuumarator™ pump was born.” “In close cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and service teams, we developed a system that solved the sealing issues. It needed no priming, no circulation, and no sealing tank. We had realized the Jets™ vision.” Sealing liquid tank Electric motor Macerator • Higher capacity • Simpler installation • Less maintenance • Even more...

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Production of Vacuumarator pumps □ ur partner Mjes Metallvarefabrikk AS, manufactures the Jets™ Vacuumarator™ pumps. Mjes was founded in 1865 as a foundry making bronze valves for the maritime industry.

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The company is today one of the most advanced of its type in Norway. In addition to casting components in bronze and aluminium in a modern foundry, the company machines components in stainless steel and titanium. Mjøs employs sophisticated CAD / CAM modelling and state-of-the-art CNC Machining. The company uses advanced measuring machines to ensure that manufactured components have dimensions and tolerances according to specification. A highly qualified and motivated workforce contributes to first-class workmanship and first-class products. Jets™ Vacuumarator™ pumps are manufactured to the...

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BerCom • Bragd • Photo Tony Hall • Margaret Forbes • RK Grafisk Small or large – Jets ™ delivers unmatched system performance THE JETS™ INFORMATION SERIES: Any Ship Cruise & Ferries Navy Yachts Vacuumarator Company Presentation Parts of the JETS™ sanitary systems (including, but not limited to, VACUUMARATOR™ pump technology) are patent protected by JETS AS © 2009 Copyright, Jets AS

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