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LOLLAPALOOZA FESTIVAL CHICAGO, USA Grant Park in downtown Chicago is home to the annual, 4-day Lollapalooza festival which attracts 100,000 people a day with its impressive lineup of internationally acclaimed performers. Hundreds of Jets™ vacuum toilets and urinals enable the organizers to offer excellent hygiene and sanitary comfort, ensuring that the huge crowd will return to this festival year after year. SMARTER MOBILE SOLUTIONS ANYWHERE The world is smaller than ever, and people flock to popular destinations, festivals, concerts, weddings and religious celebrations around the world....

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THE HEART OF OUR SYSTEM The unique Vacuumarator™ pump is the heart of any Jets™ system. It creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges – in one single-pass operation. The Vacuumarator pump is the most compact and reliable vacuum generator available for sanitary systems. It is highly efficient in transporting any combination of black and grey water under vacuum. ™ The first Vacuumarator pump, invented and made by Jets in 1989, was a revolutionary sanitary solution. Since then we have continuously developed and refined our technology, and expanded the capacity range. ™ Renowned for their...

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JETS™ VACUUM SYSTEM FIRST-CLASS HYGIENE, COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY In the highly competitive VIP market, demanding visitors pick and choose events that truly stand out. We know that excellent sanitation is one of their most important criteria. The current generation is globally connected, so both the good and bad sides of your event can be shared instantly with viewers worldwide. As your reputation now precedes you quicker than ever before, this upmarket group’s next destination of choice is just a first class flight away. Is your event on their list? Jets™ allows you to offer VIP clients a...

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SERVICE AREA The encore just finished and the band heads backstage. You run to the festival's toilet area, elbowing your way to a cubicle fast so you won't miss the next act's first song. Then you see the sign: "Temporarily closed for servicing." Rest assured, this will never happen with a Jets™ system. ^PERIMETER FENCE All service points, discharge stations and/or tanker truck pickup points can be located in a dedicated area outside of the actual festival perimeter. The crowds will never see them, never hear them, never smell them. fglVACUUMARATOR™ UNIT Wastewater from all toilets is...

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SUCCESSFUL FESTIVALS AND OUTDOOR EVENTS ARE BEST ENJOYED WITH HIGH SANITARY STANDARDS Organizing or hosting events in the often unpredictable environment of an open sky, brings with it numerous factors that you do not control. Every corner of the world comes with its own, unique set of challenges that can impact outdoor events negatively and affect revenue. Under such circumstances, shifting your attention to factors that you do control takes on a whole new level of importance in order to keep your clients and visitors coming back year after year. Even if the weather is shifting or the...

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CONSTRUCTION SITES For those who make their living moving from site to site, literally building the world we see around us, access to proper restroom facilities can make or break a day at work. Our sealed vacuum toilet system is used by NGOs, governments and others who may need to deploy safe, hygienic toilets in a rapid fashion anywhere in the world. For these organizations, the call to deploy means time is of the essence. And after the critical first response phase, long-term toilet solutions are vital for safety, hygiene and disease control. With long hours, exposure to weather...

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THE HIGHEST STANDARDS All Jets™ products and systems are manufactured to the highest industrial standards, with each and every component carefully assembled and thoroughly tested. Jets™ has three decades of experience in vacuum sanitary systems, and has grown to be a worldwide organisation. Product development, production, testing, logistics and service are carried out by a handpicked network of internal and external resources, keeping our customers worldwide satisfied by delivering quality on time – every time. It is imperative to us that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our...

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JETS™ GLOBAL NETWORK • Head office • Jets sales offices ™ Jets™ representatives For further details on Jets™ representatives, please visit our website WE CONTINUE TO CARE – EVEN AFTER DELIVERY ON-SITE CREW SEMINARS Knowledge works best when we are willing to share it with others, allowing new perspectives and new ideas to form. We have embraced this philosophy for many years. As a Jets™ customer, you have access to service seminars where this philosophy of sharing comes to life on a global scale. Our customers get advanced technical training, pre-launch product updates and...

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Petter Solberg& WORLD RX TEAM SWEDEN When legendary rallycross driver Petter Solberg goes travelling with World RX Team Sweden, this unique home away from home travels with him. For world-class athletes like Solberg, every last detail must be perfected to help secure the next victory. From the upstairs bedrooms to the downstairs lounge area, only the very best solutions were used to construct this one-of-a-kind trailer. So unsurprisingly, the bathrooms feature Jets™ vacuum toilets and wastewater handling for maximum sanitary comfort. Volkswagen SWUSEIEN, SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL Solvesborg,...

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FROM IDEA TO SUCCESS Jets™ was founded in 1986 in the unique maritime community on the west coast of Norway, where passion, excellent craftsmanship and the commitment to always do better are centuries-long traditions. Jets™ is today a market leader. The Vacuumarator™ pump invented by Jets™ revolutionised the industry, and is now the heart of our globally preferred vacuum sanitary system. We have constantly refined our ideas into solutions that provide practical, reliable and environmentally friendly benefits for the customer, and will always continue to do so. JETS Sanitary Systems - Made...

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