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UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY IN ALL SIMPLICITY - PROFITS YOUR BUSINESS Jets™ offers the most reliable vacuum sanitary system for railway rolling stock. Easy to install and requiring a bare minimum of maintenance, our system offers the additional advantage of complete independence from compressed air. Thanks to smart construction and few moving parts, smooth and reliable operation is ensured. Both our plug-in SanPack™ modules and products for customized installations are backed up by 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing vacuum sanitary systems of all types and sizes. We offer a...

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THE HEART OF OUR SYSTEM The unique Vacuumarator™ pump is the heart of anyJets™ system. It creates vacuum, macerates sewage and discharges - in one single-pass operation. The Vacuumarator™ pump is the most compact and reliable vacuum generator available for sanitary systems. This pump allows vacuum toilets to operate without compressed air of any kind. It is highly efficient in transporting any combination of black and grey water under vacuum. The first Vacuumarator™ pump, invented and made by Jets™ in 1989, revolutionised sanitary systems on ships. Since then we have continuously developed...

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The Jets™ vacuum sanitary system has several advantages over other vacuum toilets on the market. It operates completely independently of compressed air, and is made up of few moving parts. The Jets™ vacuum sanitary system is easy to install and can be adapted to any train. At a touch of the flush button, our unique Vacuumarator™ pump generates sufficient vacuum to flush the toilet. The toilet valve opens, evacuating wastewater from the toilet bowl into the piping at high speed. The waste is then macerated as it passes through the Vacuumarator™ pump, and the resulting fine pulp can be easily...

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NO COMPRESSED AIR NEEDED Jets™ vacuum sanitary systems are independent of other systems within the train, making installation very simple. The unique, flexible nature of our systems adds to this simplicity, allowing assembly technicians to get the toilets up and running quickly and with a minimum of effort. Our toilet systems have offered highly reliable operation through three decades, so rest assured that passengers will have access to fully functioning toilets for their entire journey. In the rare event of a fault occurring, the same simplicity that makes our systems easy to install also...

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COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS Plug-in SanPack™ modules or customized solutions. Jets™ offers sanitary solutions for any requirement. With the flexibility of Jets™ systems, installing a smart sanitary solution has never been easier. Thanks to our wide range of products and customized solutions, we can meet every need. Compact and flexible systems offer great potential to designers. We aim to share our knowledge and experience with each and every one of our customers, and will gladly assist by offering guidance during the construction and installation phases of Jets™ products. With easy...

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A CAREFREE JOURNEY Jets™ ensures a smooth and comfortable journey for all travelers. Carefree – at all times – anywhere in the world.

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Ilfukr:VK V s« |)«*srr :VW -V Co S/N:    I 1H3800 THE HIGHEST STANDARDS AWARD FOR DESIGN EXCELLENCE NORWEGIAN DESIGN COUNCIL All Jets™ products and systems are manufactured to the highest standards, and quality control is an integrated part of our streamlined production process. Product development, production, logistics and service are carried out by a handpicked network of internal and external resources, keeping our customers worldwide satisfied by delivering quality on time - every time. All Jets™ products are carefully assembled and thoroughly tested. This quality control ensures...

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JETS™ GLOBAL NETWORK • Jets Vacuum AS, Head office, Norway • Jets Rail SIA, Regional sales office, Latvia • Jets sales offices ™ Jets™ representatives For further details of Jets™ representatives, please visit our website WE CONTINUE TO CARE – EVEN AFTER DELIVERY We always strive to please our customers, believing that caring for them and sharing our know-how at all times – anywhere in the world – are key to our continued success. A Jets™ representative is the customer’s local expert and point of contact. Highly motivated and well-trained staff provide first-class...

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TRUSTED TO SUPPLY THE MOST DEMANDING CUSTOMERS Photo: © RhB, Christof Sonderegger In every market we cater to, Jets™ is trusted to deliver systems and products to the highest standards. This is partly the reason why more than 350,000 vacuum toilets by Jets™ are in operation worldwide. Over three decades, Jets™ has been accumulating know-how and experience in the field of vacuum sanitary systems. Our unique expertise is available for all our customers. You can trust Jets™ to deliver a well-proven and highly reliable system – every time. FROM COMMUTER LINES TO SCENIC ROUTES – Photo: CC BY-SA...

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FROM IDEA TO SUCCESS Jets™ was founded in 1986 in the unique maritime community on the west coast of Norway, where passion, excellent craftsmanship and the commitment to always do better are centuries-long traditions. Jets™ is today a market leader. The Vacuumarator™ pump invented by Jets™ revolutionised the industry, and is now the heart of our globally preferred vacuum sanitary system. We have constantly refined our ideas into solutions that provide practical, reliable and environmentally friendly benefits for the customer, and will always continue to do so. Photo/ill Tony Hall,...

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