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Any Ship low-res brochure

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™ Sanitary Systems – made to please 1

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Jets™ supplies an efficient sanitary system. Easy to fit into your design. Easy to integrate with any STP. Easy to install, operate and maintain. Backed up by the reassurance of our long experience. We’ll be there when and where you need us. The advantages of vacuum over gravity Compact - low weight (See page 12-13) Smaller, lighter pipes at lower cost Saves installation time and costs Saves water and sewage volume – less frequent sewage pumpouts Allows design flexibility Saves accommodation height at every level Easy to route piping without gravity restrictions Easy retrofit with less deck...

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Systems Solutions Competitive solutions with low LCC Saves space Produces vacuum with less energy Low maintenance We can take responsibility for the whole sanitary discharge system Optimal performance for any vessel – small or large From individual components to turnkey solution Wide experience in both advanced and simple systems Environmental solution Preferred solution used in a wide range of demanding ships Design based on extensive international experience Saves water Temperature, feed and maceration suit all STPs Easy to comply with environmental regulations No defoaming chemicals...

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Jets™ supplies a complete range of high-quality toilets for marine use. The robust Jets™ solution has proved to be highly practical for merchant and offshore vessels of any size or type. The vacuum-powered controller (VPC) mechanism for flushing allows replacement of individual parts for easy, low-cost maintenance and repairs. 4 In-line installation of the Vacuumarator™ pumps combined with a small footprint and low weight allows unique installation flexibility and considerable weight savings compared with other systems.

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Standardized vacuum units with redundancy available 30MB-D model shown The unique Vacuumarator™ pump The patented Vacuumarator™ pump is the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator available for vacuum toilet systems. Continuous flow with no increase in temperature will enhance any downstream treatment process The integrated macerator grinds waste to a fine pulp for optimal transport and feed to the STP The helical screw and liquid seal ensure efficient vacuum production Highly efficient vacuum production enables a small motor with low energy consumption Single-in, single-out...

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A smarter sanitary system for vessels of any size Jets™ provides a streamlined solution designed to save space and weight on board any ship. Equipment for collecting blackand greywater The vacuum enables transport solutions which are not possible with gravity Greywater Interface Unit Piping Jets™ has long experience in finding good piping solutions for efficient, trouble-free performance Toilets Wall-mounted Deck-mounted Squat pans Urinal Automatic flushing available COLLECTION SIDE

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Overboard/Deck Connection – directly from the Vacuumarator™ pump – in compliance with local requirements To Sewage Treatment Plant – Jets™ equipment is compatible with MARPOL Annex IV and IMO regulations Collecting Tank Sewage Treatment Plant The Heart of a Jets™ System: The patented Vacuumarator™ pump is compact and easy to position Creates vacuum Low water consumption increases the effective capacity of the collecting tank and the maximum time between pumpouts The Vacuumarator™ pump is the perfect partner for your STP Continuous feed prevents surge flows which overload the STP Stable...

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Jets™ Basic Systems A Jets™ sanitary system is a solution that runs smoothly at a competitive price In a tough business climate, Jets™ keeps your life cycle costs low Thousands of installations prove the reliability of Jets™ standard solutions A typical Jets™ sanitary system consists of 80-90 toilets and 2 Vacuumarator™ pumps In most of these projects, planning, ordering, installation and commissioning is so easy that no external assistance is needed Our technical documentation makes planning straightforward, saving time and labour costs Our local representatives give you first-line support...

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Jets™ Add-on Systems For advanced, integrated sanitary systems, Jets™ offers extensive assistance and in-depth expertise - giving valuable answers to your challenges and questions: What vacuum capacity is needed for the number of people on board? What is the best way to integrate greywater and blackwater? What are the vessel’s design and space limitations? How can we optimize collecting tank capacity? Bring Jets™ into your process at an early stage. Jets™ supports planning, engineering, installation and commissioning. How do we ensure compliance with environmental rules? How should we...

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Why is Jets™ the preferred solution for... Ship designers Small footprint and low weight Flexible system makes customization easy In-line Vacuumarator™pump – no tank needed to generate the vacuum Can handle both black- and greywater Easy to position the vacuum system – freedom from gravity restrictions “Probably the most flexible system on the market. Jets™ makes it easier to find an optimal solution”

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Jets™ in-line vacuum generators are easy to install at different stages of construction Highly reliable operation – solid experience from merchant and offshore vessels Compact dimensions, fewer parts and low weight simplify installation Easy to inspect - easy to maintain – minimal spare parts – long component life Jets™ staff have a deep insight into marine sanitation No need for defoaming chemicals Jets™ is a part of the process and provides a quick response Low weight – high capacity Accurate, easy-to-follow documentation saves time and headaches Optimal partner for your sewage treatment...

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The pleasing features of a Jets™ system Restricts design possibilities and requires accommodation height Larger Pipes More installation hours Water required per flush Case: FERRY Freshwater per year for toilets: – 900 passengers – 30 passenger toilets – 6 flushes per hr/18 hrs. Case: BULK CARRIER – 25 toilets – 6 flushes per toilet / per day million litres

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