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Catalog excerpts

Carl Jastram, along with Nikolaus Otto and Rudolf Diesel was one of the pioneers in the development of combustion engines. After founding the first engine manufacturing company in Hamburg Jastram began supplying the growing port industry with hundreds of diesel engines, pumps and small barges. Hans Jastram continued the work of his father and started developing and producing bowthrusters in the fifties. With his genius and numerous technical publi- cations he established the basis for the enduring suc- cess of Jastram transverse thrusters. Peter and Claus Jastram founded the 'Jastram Forschung' research and development department to provide a scientific background for new products. A range of active and passive manoeuvring systems such as rudder propellers, rotor rudders, flap rudders, azimuth grid thrusters and noise reduction systems extended Jastram's capabilities. With Nils Jastram at its head, Jastram GmbH & Co KG is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. The company continuously strives to improve the product range, quality and service to maintain and expand it's good reputation in the international maritime industry. Mail: Steering Gears Jastram Shanghai Representative Office Jingda Office Building Mail:

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Jastram transverse thrusters are found in cargo vessels around the world. Reliability and personal service are valued by yards, shipping lines and fleet managers. © Peene Werft-GmbH River cruise vessels with Jastram azimuth grid thrusters in the bow are easy to handle in tight river sections and allow precise manoeuvring in locks. The Jastram active noise reduction system enhances the experience for passengers. © Premicon AG The heavy-lift workboat Terra Marique can be beached without any preparations thanks to the installation of four Jastram azimuth grid thrusters. This configuration allows...

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Transverse Thrusters © Peene-Werft GmbH Technical features: The propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes. The stainless steel ring in the propeller tip region protects the tunnel against cavitation damage. The oil lubrication system with oil level sensor (to be installed by the shipyard above waterline) protects the seals against water ingress. Galvanic cathodic protection (CP) is calculated and installed to protect the system for up to 5 years. Options: Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) instead of anodes for...

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Jastram have been developing and producing transverse thrusters since 1950. Reliable gears, worldwide service, direct contact to our service department and detailed archived data for each delivered system are well accepted by the maritime industry and international shipping Jastram are specialised in fixed pitch propeller (FPP) thrusters which require minimal servicing due to their solidity and durability. To improve performance the propeller design is continuously modified according to With electric drive systems ranging from the low-cost 3-step control for onshore manoeuvring to the frequency- controlled...

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Azimuth Grid Thrusters © Premicon AG River cruise vessel with Jastram azimuth grid thruster in the bow section and Jastram active noise reduction. Technical features: The thruster gear is bolted to the housing and can be mounted and dismounted during docking. The propeller is mounted with a tight oil press fit which allows rapid mounting and dismounting during shaft seal changes. The stainless steel ring in the propeller tip region protects the housing against cavitation damage. The oil lubrication system with oil level sensor (to be installed by the shipyard above waterline) protects the seals...

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The Jastram azimuth grid thruster is capable of providing highly accurate dynamic positioning, responsive steering Mounted flush to the bottom of the vessel, it has no protruding parts which could be damaged in shallow water. A removable grid protects the horizontally mounted propeller. Smaller parts and sand are washed through the large-volume housing. A special propeller generates effective thrust with a high With the solid Jastram thruster gear, the water is pumped through the 360° rotating steering grid. Turning the grid by up to 180° in 8 seconds, the thruster provides immediate thrust in...

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The rack-mounted 3-step drive with switch cabinet and resistor unit reduces onboard installation time. Soft start solutions for 3-step drives or low harmonic frequency-controlled drives as well as restricted power management systems are state-of-the-art drive solutions from Jastram for limited onboard power supply Harmonic distortions produced by frequency converters can be reduced through the following technical Alternatives in reducing line harmonics 6 pulse rectifier 12 pulse rectifier 18 pulse rectifier ACS800-37 AJ^J ^ydÉ° -A^oo- Transformer and cabling Transformer and cabling Transformer...

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Drawing on experience in thruster drive and control systems since 1950 Jastram offer a wide range of appli- 3-step drive systems with resistor units and slip ring motors have been the most popular drives over the last Dynamic drive, a multistep drive system with resistor unit, slip ring motor and reduced starting current, is the cost-competitive alternative to controllable pitch propeller (CPP) thrusters with the advantages of the robust fixed pitch propeller (FPP). Frequency-controlled (FC) drives accommodate the increasing demand for stepless control. Interfaces to joysticks and dynamic positioning...

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Low-Noise Thrusters © James Fisher Everard Environmental legislation has resulted in more stringent requirements for noise control in vessels manoeuvring in ports close to residential areas. © Sealion Shipping Ltd. For working vessels noise insulation is required by the classification societies for recreation rooms and crew lounges. Patented technology Reduced cavitation noise Recognised mega-yacht supplier Resiliently mounted drive assembly For transverse & azimuth grid thrusters © Premicon AG. River cruise vessels with noise-reduced manoeuvring devices provide the best conditions for undisturbed...

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