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Model H Helm Pumps - 2 Pages

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Model H Helm Pumps
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Catalog excerpts

Photo Courtesy of Victoria Shipyard Jastram Model H Helm Pumps This high quality, precision axial piston pump features proven designs and marine grade materials. The H pumps are designed to operate in ‘non-pressurized’ hydraulic systems requiring only two lines from the helm pump to the cylinder. The Model H helm pumps include the following standard features: • An external lockvalve to isolate with helm and prevent rudder feed- back • A pressure rating for the lockvalve of 1,875 PSI • A powder coated, high strength cast aluminum housing which provides corrosion and abrasion resistance • A flexible mounting pattern allowing any angle between the vertical and horizontal axis • An internal capacity to act as a small vented oil reservoir Recommended Wheel Sizes for the Model H helm pumps MODEL STEERING WHEEL SIZE min diameter max diameter H26, H36 20” 30” H58 30” 36” H60, H90, H110 36” 60”

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G* = Length of key for steering wheel: All pumps have 1/4" sq. key on a 1" dia. Straight shaft. All pumps have a 1/2" NC stainless steel wheel bolt. HELM PUMP OVERALL DIMENSIONS (INCHES) Helm Pump Model H26 / H36 / H58 H60 / 90 / 110 Helm Pump Displacement (IN ) 2.6 / 3.6 / 5.8 *The H58, which requires a header tank or auto-fill system Recommended line sizes and lengths are based on the combined distance of both lines Helm Pump Model H26 / H36 H58 H60 / H90 H110 Standard ISO Grade 32 Hydraulic oil must be used within a Jastram hydraulic steering system. WARNING: DO NOT USE TRANSMISSION OIL OR...

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