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HPU Cutsheet website
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Catalogue excerpts

Photo courtesy of Eric Stapleton Jastram Hydraulic Power Units Jastram manufactures custom and pre-engineered Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to meet a wide range of requirements. HPUs produce and direct the uid movement in the steering system. Custom HPUs are available to meet specic design challenges or requirements of the vessel owner, naval architect or shipyard. Preengineered power units are available in limited sizes for faster delivery while maintaining our commitment to quality. Engineered For Life At Sea

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Pre - engineered HPUs Custom HPUs The Jastram pre-engineered HPU interfaces the vessel’s hydraulic steering gear with its electric control system. These power units are optimized to work with Jastram cylinders and control systems. In addition to the Pre-Engineered HPU’s Jastram supplies custom HPU’s upon request to t any size and specication including: • Special tank shape • Tank capacity • Special motors • Custom manifolds • Custom paint colors If there are any changes beyond the specied options to a Pre-engineered HPU it would become a custom HPU as engineering support would be needed. Please...

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Pre-engineered HPU Overall Dimension Drawings MOTOR CONNECTION CONDUIT PORT ELECTRIC MOTOR & JUNCTION BOX AUTO-FILL LINE TEMP. GAUGE RESERVOIR DRAIN CLEAN OUT COVER, ALLOW ADEQUATE CLEARANCE Data is subject to change without notice. Jastram Engineering Ltd. 135West Riverside Drive I North Vancouver BC I Canada V7H 1T6 I T 604988 1111 IF 604 986 0334

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