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Digital Control Amplifier - 2 Pages

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Digital Control Amplifier
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Catalog excerpts

Jastram Digital Control System Summary The key features of the Jastram Digital Steering Control System DCA 100 are: Photo courtesy of SEASPAN. Jastram Digital Control Amplifier The new Jastram Digital Control Amplifier (DCA) is specifically designed for small to mid-size commercial vessels and pleasure crafts. As its larger cousin the DSC, it relies on state-of-the-art digital technology for fast and accurate steering controls, in a small and simple design. Up to eight input devices can be connected to each DCA. These input devices can be Non-Follow-Up (jog switch), Full-Follow-Up (lever controller or electric wheel), Digital (Jastram digital helm pump) and an additional interface to autopilot is provided. The DCA is the controller between the rudder command and the steering hydraulics. It will convert the command from any input device to a smooth and accurate rudder motion. Data is subject to change without notice. Jastram Engineering Ltd. 135 West Riverside Drive | North Vancouver BC | Canada V7H 1T6 | T 604 988 1111 | F 604 986 0334 E marketing@jastram.com | www.Jastram.com

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provide the control input capabilities. Station lockout and / expansion units. There can be a maximum of eight (8) connecting to a Jastram control panel (Membrane Style CP 600/CP 375 or Rotary Style CP-36) or take-over (T.O. 5.08 mm pitch pluggable screw terminals MOUNTING HOLE control modes. It is configured for each system installation. Mode • Selected mode of steering is illuminated • Control Panel face is backlit and includes a built-in dimmer control. • Fault light and audible alarm are built in • Black Lexan face panels are: • Panels are water resistant from front. • Selection panels can...

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