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catalog 2015
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Catalog excerpts

11 years ago by world champion Eric (EJ) Jackson and fellow paddler Tony Lunt, Jackson Kayak was given little chance at success by the kayak industry “establishment.” Well, in 10 short years, we’ve grown from five employees in a 700 square foot building near the banks of Tennessee’s Caney Fork River, to a worldwide leader in paddlesports. We now have 150 dedicated employees operating in a 100,000 square- foot facility just down the road in Sparta, TN, and are the fastest growing major kayak company in the US! Voted # 1 Made in USA Kayak Manufacturer! Over 98% of our boat materials and components...

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OUTDOORS MEN (Hunting & Fishing) Jackson Kayak teamed with pro ■ 7 kayak angler Drew Gregory to produce the Coosa, and truly revolutionized kayak fishing. We now produce a complete line of fishing kayaks that offer all-day comfort, unprecedented "standability," thoroughly thought-out deck designs, and unmatched accessorization. Each of our fishing kayaks comes standard with our patented Hi-Lo Elite seat, which sets the industry standard for comfort, allows for quick adjustment to different heights, makes standing up easier than ever and is quickly removable for transport or use as a camp chair....

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· Inshore/Offshore Saltwater Fishing · Super high stability/standability · Offshore & surf launches · Calm River, Lakes & Ponds · High weight/storage capacity · Big open lakes & inshore saltwater · Tandem or Solo mode · Lakes, Ponds, Rivers & Inshore saltwater · Straight tracking & fast Designed for some of the most challenging paddling environments in the world, THE KRAKEN is intended for the open waters of the world. JK’s design team collaborated with legendary kayak angler, Jim Sammons to create a boat shaped for speed, comfort, perfect trim and big water management. It’s a paddler’s fishing...

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· Most maneuverable · Swift rivers & creeks · Small lakes/ponds The COOSA is the answer to the evolving needs of the river and small water kayak fisherman. It’s 11’2” length and rockered hull make it a sporty and nimble craft to best handle those “fishy” situations. It’s a Drew Gregory signature series kayak. The CRUISE·ANGLER EDITION fills a variety of niches. It is a great kayak for someone looking to get into kayak fishing without all the bells and whistles, but enough features to make your time on the water enjoyable. It is also a great platform for an avid angler who is looking for a small,...

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The CUDA 14 is the big-water-fisherman’s dream. It has speed for covering long distances quickly, and the stability to stand and fish when you get to your destination. Designed for fishing flatwater, tidal waters, and even out beyond the breakers, it sports a full range of features that accommodate both fly fisherman and conventional anglers alike. · Speed & tracking · Inshore/offshore · Flatwater rivers & lakes · Feature-rich deck The CUDA 12 is the little sibling to the Cuda 14 and was developed for the angler that enjoys many different water types (rivers, lakes, ponds, ocean) but can only...

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any water in Jackson’s growing fleet of discovery water craft. Whether exploring the coastlines, meandering through marshlands, cruising rivers or traversing lakes, Jackson Kayak has kayaks and SUPs for it all. Our hulls are designed by the top designers in the industry. Their years of combined experience in hull shaping, plastics tech and outfitting ensure that JK stays ahead of the game. Each of our exploration kayaks demonstrate exceptional performance on the water, giving paddlers the speed they need, maneuverability and tracking for maximum enjoyment. Each kayak has storage to suit its usage:...

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The ROGUE is designed to handle Class 3 whitewater with ease, but thanks to its longer waterline and a retractable skeg, it can also track well in flatwater conditions. It has a storage hatch in the back and a unique removable front wall for storage for multi-day trips. This kayak is nimble, stable and drives well in whitewater but also has the shape and speed required to make long flatwater paddles more enjoyable and less work. The Rogue is available in 9 foot and 10 foot. · Cottage Fun / Day Tripping · Lake Touring · Casual River Paddling · Flatwater to Class 3+ · Lakes · Casual recreation /...

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· Cottage Fun / Day Tripping · Lake Touring Based of the highly successful Karma UL, the KARMA RG is a play boat for the ocean...and an expedition boat for extended whitewater and mixed water ventures. Its a blast for paddling in rock gardens, exploring sea caves, running pour overs and surfing ocean waves. The RG is also equipped with a retractable skeg for easy tracking over long flatwater distances. With generous storage via the stern hatch and lots of deck rigging, the RG is great for extended river trips. And with the same hull as the UL, it's equally at home in difficult whitewater! The...

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WHITEWATER | 2015 The same qualities that make our boats the choice of the world’s best in competition and Class V explorations also make them ideal for the rest of us: · Top quality materials and craftsmanship · All-day comfort due to ergonomic design, ease of adjustability, and innovative outfitting features · Hull shapes that maximize performance, stability, and ease of use, regardless of skill level and Olympic kayaker Eric Jackson first collaborated with avid paddler and naval architect David Knight in 1997 in the design of a whitewater kayak that would change the industry, The Fun was the...

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JK’s highly successful ROCKSTAR has dominated the podiums year after year. The 2015 Rockstar has an even faster hull with shorter ends that allow the boat to rotate faster, avoid hitting bottom in shallow features and get vertical easier. The volume in the knees give you the pop you want to get BIG air on loops. RockStar is also available in a Competition Build with super-light carbon tracks! Available in 3 sizes: 2Fun, Fun and 4Fun The FUN was Jackson Kayak’s first ever whitewater kayak! In 2015 we return to the core of what has made this kayak the best selling Jackson Kayak of all time: FUN!...

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