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the Power-Pole Downrigger - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Now You Can Really . Get Down With Power-Pole® Introducing the Power-Pole Downrigger. Now there’s a quick and easy way for deep water shing to really get down, the Power-Pole Downrigger. Once again, Power-Pole is leading the way to a smarter way to sh, now in deep water. The new Power-Pole Downrigger is a simple accessory that slides onto the Power-Pole spike and lets you get your bait down to exactly where the sh are. Like an electric downrigger, the Power-Pole Downrigger lets you adjust tension on the snap release clip so when the line pops out, you’re ready to reel ‘em in. The Power-Pole Downrigger allows easy access as the retracted spike puts the snap-release clip in easy reach. Each Power-Pole Downrigger accommodates one line on the clip and if you’re using dual Power-Pole anchors with Downriggers you could be running two lines simultaneously and at staggered line lengths. The Power-Pole anchor allows you to adjust the depth of the bait with the touch of a button and keeps it in position until you change it. There’s no need for heavy ball weights, if you want to get your bait even deeper you can simply use the right dive plug, then make depth adjustments on the y, your Power-Pole does all the work. For even more accurate control, use the Power-Pole Downrigger with your sonar device. Watching the sonar you can raise and lower the bait as the sh appear on the screen or you can raise and lower to follow the bottom terrain. Power-Pole shallow water anchors aren’t just a great way to anchor your boat in shallow water, they’re right at home in deep water as well. With the new Downrigger accessory your Power-Pole can multi-task. There’s no need for an additional electric downrigger because Power-Pole gives you all the downrigger depth accuracy and control you want at the touch of a button. For more information on the complete line of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories, go to www.power-pole.com SWIFT. SILENT. SECURE. 9208 Palm River Road, Suite 303, Tampa, FL 33619 813.689.9932 fax 813.689.8883 • www.power-pole.com ©2012 all rights reserved. Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor U.S. Patent No. 6,041,730

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