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Drift Paddle - 4 Pages

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Power-Pole moves into deep water. ® ™ Introducing the Power-Pole Drift Paddle. Power-Pole shallow water anchor, the advanced hydraulic anchor system that’s famous for boat control is changing the world of fresh and salt water shing again. By adding the Power-Pole Drift Paddle accessory suddenly there is drift control and accuracy that anglers have dreamed about. It’s a whole new species of deep-water control. The Power-Pole Drift Paddle comes with all the hardware to easily install on any 8’ or 10’ Power-Pole anchor at the dock or while on the water. It features seven quick-change locking positions...

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For the ultimate in boat control use dual Power-Pole Single Port or Starboard Drift Paddle anchors and Drift Paddles, it’s like your whole boat evolved into a new species of predator. For more information on the complete line of Power-Pole shallow water anchors and accessories, go to www.power-pole.com Features • More accurate angle and speed control than a drift sock • Slows your boat by up to 50% • Quickly change bow angle and drift direction from port to starboard • Works with your main motor for light trolling • Easy on and off at the dock or on the water Lowering the Drift Paddle allows you...

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Specications Boat Size: Deployment depth depth: Up to 8 or 10ft (depending on Power-Pole anchor depth) 7 Locking Positions that sweep a full 180º in 30º increments Paddle Size: Height: 46” Width: 5” at top / 15” at bottom Thickness: .25” Surface Area: 455.5”^2 Starboard - Space-age Polymer (UV stable) Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Bronze Bushings Stainless Steel Spring and Ball Detent Pin (quick release) Matte Black Installation Hardwa Hardware: Included Warranty: SWIFT. SILENT. SECURE. 9208 Palm River Road. Suite 303 Tampa, FL 33619 phone 813.689.9932 fax 813.689.8883 www.power-pole.com ©2012...

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