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Catalogue excerpts

WIMER GUIDE Power-Pole® Signature Series Blade Edition Shallow Water Anchor CONTKOl SYSTEM Operation • Maintenance SHALLOW WATER ANCHOR

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Congratulations on your purchase of a Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition shallow water anchor system. The new Blade Edition features the innovative C-Monster Control System which incorporates the latest wireless technology, ease of use and dependability for all levels of anglers. Whether you are a pro on the tour or a weekend warrior, the Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition will provide the best possible performance through design, engineering and manufacturing for years of enjoyment. John Oliverio invented the Power-Pole shallow water anchor out of pure need as an angler on the Redfish...

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Operating the Power-Pole shallow water anchor HPU (hydraulic pump unit) Controls A. If needed, the “up” and “down” buttons of the top of the HPU can be used to retract and deploy your Power-Pole shallow water anchor. Surface Mount Switch A. The surface mount switch has three speed settings (slow, medium, & fast). Depressing and releasing the “speed” button will toggle through the three settings. B. The LED on the switch will flash at a speed corresponding to either a slow, medium, or fast setting. C. With dual Power-Pole anchors installed, the surface mount switch can also be used to toggle between...

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C-Monster Smart Phone App The C-Monster smart phone app will allow you to do the following: - Adjust the HPU’s slow, medium, and fast settings - Enable and disable the Auto “up” and “down” Mode The C-Monster app is available for free in the Android Marketplace. Smart Phone App Installation Begin by installing the C-Monster application for Power-Pole. 1. Go to the Android Marketplace on your smart phone. Search for Power-Pole. In the results list locate and select the Power-Pole Tesseract Global Solutions application. A description of the APP will appear, press INSTALL to install the APP Once the...

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Maintenance and Storage • Inspect all hydraulic lines for kinking or abrasion prior to use. • Inspect all hydraulic fittings for leaks and proper tightness prior to each use. CAUTION: If disconnecting the hydraulic lines, please read the following: Hydraulic lines are always pressurized; therefore, disconnecting them will cause a sudden high pressure release. This high pressure release may cause oil leakage from the lines and/or fittings. When depressurizing the lines, the unit must be supported; otherwise the anchor will fall to the fully deployed position. This may result in damage to the unit...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: Can my dual Power-Pole anchors be controlled independently? A: Yes. The C-Monster control system allows for the independent control of dual PowerPole anchors. The included Advanced C-Monster Surface Mount Switch is capable of independent control, but the included Standard C-Monster Remote Control is not. Additional accessories, such as the Advanced C-Monster Remote Control and the C-Monster Wireless Foot Switch, will also allow independent control. Q: What maintenance is required with my Power-Pole shallow water anchor? A: The bolts on your Power-Pole anchor...

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Q: Do I need two HPUs in order to run dual Power-Poles? A: Yes. We recommend the use of independent pump systems with each Power-Pole anchor for the following reasons: • Dual Power-Pole anchors will not deploy at the same time and/or same rate using one pump. • The relief valves will not function according to the intended design of the Power-Pole anchor and may cause a mechanical failure when using only one pump system. • Many features of our newer models will not be functional when a single pump is used. • Damage is quite possible using one pump with two Power-Pole anchors, doing so will void...

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Precautions • Prior to use, read this instruction manual carefully. Become familiar with the controls and how to operate your Power-Pole shallow water anchor properly. • Do not allow children to operate or tamper with the Power-Pole shallow water anchor without adult supervision. • Do not modify the unit in any way. • Use only genuine Power-Pole shallow water anchor accessories. • Always disconnect the 12 volt power source from the anchor before servicing. • In the event of HPU failure, your Power-Pole anchor may be manually stowed by activating the pole protector valve. - Do so by applying enough...

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FIVE (5) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Power-Pole® Signature Series Blade Edition shallow water anchor Conditions of this Warranty A Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition shallow water anchor manufactured by JL Marine systems Inc. is warranted against defects in material and workmanship in the stern bracket, U-channels, Knuckle joint, hydraulic system, and electrical system, to the original end consumer from the original purchase date, according to the following stipulations: 1. Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition shallow water anchor warranties are activated upon receipt by JL Marine Systems,...

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C-Monster Optional Accessories C-Monster Control System is the new smart technology behind the next generation of Power-Pole shallow water anchors. Get even more control at your fingertips with the new advanced C-Monster accessories. These all-wireless controllers install quickly so you can spend more time on the water. Advanced Key Fob Remote Control Tilt orientation control reacts to the angle or attitude that you hold the Key Fob. Control speed and anchor deployment; choose fast, medium, or slow – left, right, or both (dual anchors). Includes Auto Mode – simply double click for auto up/down....

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