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J/22 Specifications
• Lloyds approved Baltek end grained balsa core laminated construction, using hand laid-up glass in both hull and deck.
• Hulls molded in one piece permitting exceptional consistency in fairness and finish.
• Vinylester resin in outer hull skin for 10 year transferable blister warranty.
• Structural main bulkhead glassed to hull and deck.
• Heavy-duty stainless steel chainplates bolted to main bulkhead and grounded.
• Anodized aluminum compression post and bearing beam glassed into hull.
• Molded interior watertight compartments for added flotation and less maintenance.
• Near minimum weight faired transom-hung rudder with Schaefer heavy-duty gudgeons.
• Lead & Antimony fin keel finished in VC Underwater Epoxy.
• White gelcoat hull and deck.
• New improved nonskid surfaces on deck and cockpit sole.
• Deck and hull bonded with "Plexus" structural adhesive.
• ORC sized white thermo-plastic toerail running full length of the deck both sides.
Deck Hardware
• Latest Harken deck hardware including Harken traveler track and car. 1:1 jib sheeting, Harken winches. See standard Deck Layout.
• Custom laminated tiller with hiking stick.
• Schaefer race jib tracks and adjustable cars.
• 2 Schaefer horn cleats aft.
• 2 bow chocks and 1 bow pad eye.
• Stainless Steel hand rails.
Running Rigging
• Main Halyard 5/16" T-900 w/Wichard shackle.
• Jib Halyard 5/16" T-900.
• Spinnaker Halyard ¼" XLS Extra.
• Main Sheet 3/8” XLS.
• Jib Sheet 3/8” STA-SET.
• Spinnaker Sheets 5/16” STA-SET X Lite.
• Backstay, Traveler and Twings ¼" Novetec Dinghy Braid.
• Foreguy 5/16" Ultralite.
• Vang Line 5/16” STA-SET
• Main Cunningham 1:1 - 1/8" Spectra and 3/16" Ultralite.
• Tapered Hall Spars class mast with airfoil spreaders, thru-bar spreader bracket, Gibb "T" terminals, and black measurement bands.
• Class Certified Boom w/Harken internal outhaul.
• Forespar spinnaker pole with ultra ends.
• 1 x 19 Standing Rigging with Open Body Turnbuckles.
• Two Tone Deck.
• Lightweight outboard motor bracket.
• V-Berth cushions.
• Spinnaker Launching Bag (installed).
• Waterline Systems – Faired Epoxy Bottom.
• For a more detailed list of options please call.
Notice: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation, J Boats and/or US Watercraft reserves the right to periodically
upgrade these specifications through additions, deletions and substitutions. June 1, 2007

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