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RECEPTION DESK CURRENCY - EXCHANGE CONTROL - RFID Core Functions > easy-to-use, comprehensive service for marina receptions, including invoicing, currency exchange, guest register, berthing supervision, accounts, operational > makes administration efficient: > integrates systems: reception, sales, yacht services, > currency exchange, accounts, > enables automatic, immediate input by all users, > offers useful and latest information, so business options can be explored, > transfers data externally (if required by legislation), > can connect to telephone exchange, allowing auto unit reading, > monitors use of electricity and water at berths, > can connect to marina's access control. Software interface appears the same for all users. The homepage shows different criteria to find yachts. After yachts, or customers, are located, can get detailed information (past movements, accounts, opened and closed services, orders, data on registered guests) from the menu, or shortcut keys. Alternatively, required functions - contracts, accounts, orders, registrations - are accessible. System tools enable ready production of data permutations; from simple presentations to those designed to assist strategic decisions (balance sheets, statistical data, data analyses for different periods, using different criteria). MOVEMENT CONTROL > supervises marina and berth yacht movements, yacht arrivals, departures, temporary absences, past movements, and registers yachts, > yacht data: overdue invoices, services pending, berth location, expected arrivals, and other information - can easily be checked, > movements of guests registered can be listed, and it is possible to have a diagrammatic view of current marina status using various criteria (transit, contract moorings), print-outs, and statistics. RFID MODULE > monitors occupancy in marina, graphically presented, > automatically records arrivals and exits, > sends information to the owner via SMS or email as safety precaution, > owner identification to the system via RFID. RECEPTION DESK - CURRENCY EXCHANGE - INVOICING > all information needed about guests is found, > yacht-data input is simplified, quick, and automatically finds yachts already > preparation of services can be made, as well as everything needed for invoices > invoicing (cash desk) is an integral part of the currency exchange section, allowing the system to recognize methods of payment (different currencies, cheques, credit cards, others). Invoices can be issued in the language being used, > system enables production of billing and currency exchange balances, and simplifies yacht registration in the marina. It also allows the supervision of overdue accounts and their auditing. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT - CRM All information for CRM to function efficiently is easily found using 'hotkeys' on yacht homepages. Information includes: > berthing situation in reference to the contract, > creating and printing contracts and requests for payment > list of customers in previous years, > automatic contract renewal according to different criteria, > complete, simplified, and quick information about a yacht's movement, > correspondence with partners, > electronic storage of all documents. SERVICING AND STOREHOUSE ADMINISTRATION A yacht's homepage allows simple opening of a contract, or contractual instructions, and its services; as well as complete overview of client requests about a yacht. Instructions refer to the administration of storehouse operations. System enables: > planning of individual services, > supervising service work of staff members on each yacht, > supervising the work of derricks and equipment, > including the statistics of machine operations, > comparison of differences between invoiced and actual man-hours, > many other functions. Financial entries, such as bills and invoices to be sent by mail, are automatically entered, leaving only payments to the accounts by credit transfer to be entered. Quick, simple supervision of reception work, correct pricing, and planning other jobs for customer accounts, is possible. System includes: > financial and material accountancy for service administration, > automatic generation of postal cheques by a ledger, > automatic interest adjustment and revaluation, > preparation of requests regarding integrated overdue invoices. It is also possible to automatically send required information to appropriate recipients for their registration. System allows complete monitoring of marina activities (condition of yachts, income, service analysis, costs, income-cost balance, other functions). All activities can be viewed using different criteria, such as profit-centre, location, yacht length, services, yacht nationality. Comparisons are possible. Software adaptable to marina general manager and assistants. Integrated efficient tools for preparing financial plans and marina activity Integrated access control to individual functions and information. System can, for auditing, track all main elements: yachts, owners, buyers, and The module enables shared bookings of charter yachts, from booking options, actual bookings, offers, payments, yacht check-in, guest registration, to calculation of final invoices at check-out. It enables complete functionality of yacht maintenance, including business Its distinctive feature is the efficient preparation of final price calculations for yacht owners, offering a good basis for profit sharing. Web services for Internet booking and yacht tracking are also available.

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marina managements oftwa resolutions BUREAU VERITAS Wf\ I n K M IRM Ltd. I Bratov Babnik io | 1000 Ljubljana | Slovenia | Europe / WW I u\IVI | | T: +386 1 519 9121 | F: +386 590 91 478 bright solutions Marina Master is a complete software solution for marina management. It offers a simple, complete service for: > reception and cash desk work, > yacht movement control, > in-service, sales, accountancy, and management. Charter Master is a comprehensive programme solution for monitoring all charter company functions; including modern booking, service account settlement,...

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