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Catalogue excerpts

Complete software solution for: • • marine management monitoring all functions of a charter company

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Offers simple and complete service for work: • • • • • • • • • at the reception and cash desk in an exchange office for guests registry for the yacht’s movement control in the service department in the commercial department in accountancy department, settlement of accounts modern way of booking management

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Movement control Offers supervision over: yacht movement in the marina and the berths yacht arrivals and departures, temporary absence from the marina lists of yachts present and absent, list of arrivals past movements of yachts etc. pictorial view of the current marina situation using various criteria transit, contract berths grapichal print-outs of the situation, and statistics

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RFID The module enables : • monitoring online situation-occupancy in marina via graphical presentation • automatically record the data of arrivals and exits • information send to the owner via SMS or email as safety precaution • owner identification to the system via RFID System could be upgraded with some extra sensors such as: • fire detector • water detector • battery detector • engine detector

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Reception Desk - Currency Exchange is where all the information needed about a guest will be found: data input about yachts is simplified and quick system offer to find a yacht, owner or a document in a various way invoicing (or cash desk) is an integral part of the currency exchange section, which allows the system to recognize: domestic or foreign currency cheques, credit cards, or other methods

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Invoices can be issued in whatever language services have been translated into. currency exchange balances simplifies a yacht's registration in the marina it also allows the supervision of overdue accounts and their auditing

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Module INTERNET offers better quality approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), giving customers website access to information, to order services, extend contracts, or check their yacht or financial situation. With preprepared solutions available on the websites, and using 'cloud computing', web services can be integrated with other customer applications.

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Customer Relationship Management/CRM All the information needed for CRM to function efficiently can easily be found by using 'hotkeys' on a yacht's home screen. This information includes: • berthing situation in reference to the contract • bookings • creating and printing contracts • requests for payment (in different languages) • data of all contracts • list of customers in previous years, automatic contract renewal according to different criteria • complete, simplified, and quick information about yacht's movement • statement of accounts • correspondence with partners and electronic storage...

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Servicing and storehouse administration • simple opening of a contract • contractual instructions and services • client's requests about yacht (referring to the administration of the storehouse operations) • simple planning of individual services possible * supervising individual employee service work (regarding the yachts and their time spent working on each yacht) • supervising the work of the derricks etc. • simple administrative management of the workforce • comparison between invoiced and actual man-hours • statistics of machine operations, as well as many other functions

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All financial entries, such as bills and invoices to be sent by mail, are automatically entered. financial and material accountancy for service administration a ledger which automatically generates postal cheques automatic interest adjustment and interest revaluation preparation of requests regarding overdue invoices

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Marina management Marina Servicse Contracts Working orders Invoicing Register Suppliers Payments STATEMENTS OF ACCOUNT Warehouse management Inventory Baseline Wages GENERAL LEDGER

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The Charter module enables shared bookings of charter yachts, all the way from options for bookings, actual bookings, offers, payments, yacht check- in, guest registration, and to the final calculation of bills at check-out. The module also enables complete functionality of yacht maintenance, including business operations. A distinctive feature of the module is also its efficient preparation of final price calculations for yacht owners, which consequently offers a good basis for profit sharing. Web services for internet booking and yacht tracking are also available.

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Yacht club Membership module is designed specifically to aid the membership management of a marina based Yacht Club. It offers full member integration between your marina, beverage facilities, and your accounting and membership processing operations - giving centralised management of your yacht club.

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The system enables creating an account and sale of products by barcodes. From the main account window it is possible to add any optional items through the barcode scanner or by direct input of a key to the account, which opens an account with the buyer and gets the desired items via a reader, or an input, and then closes the account on payment. In this way, the Marina Master retail sales, supports all the current transactions, combines new cases, and can issue any account.

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The Apartments module is a complete software solution for apartment management and monitoring all functions - from reservation to the general ledger. The module offers simple and complete service from booking options, actual bookings, offers, payments, guest registration, to calculation of final invoices at check-out (check-in, check-out, reception and cash desk with an exchange office, accountancy department, settlement of accounts, and management).

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The system makes possible complete monitoring over the marina's activities: condition of yachts, income, analysis of services costs, income cost balance other functions All activities can be viewed by using different criteria such as: profit centre, location, lenght of yachts, services given Comparisons are possible. The software can be set up to suit the needs of general marine manager and assistants. Access control to individual system functions and information is integrated. The system can, for auditing purposes, track all main elements: yachts, owners, buyers and services.

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