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Catalogue excerpts

Starter Piaster A complete software solution for charter management from reservation to the general ledger > multilingual translation, interface and data > contracts -> owners -> agents -> yacht leaseholders > servicing of vessels and material accountancy

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Starter Piaster UUca Bratov Babnik 10,1117 Ljubljana, Slovenija, EU,tel.: +386 1 5199181, fax: +386 1 59091478

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Starter Piaster Settlement and communication with owners

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Starter Piaster Yacht maintenance > issuing invoices to the owners

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Starter Piaster > electronic data report to coastguard > domestic and foreign guests book

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> powerful graphic overview > simple reservation entry system > filtered input data > flexible user friendly overview > multi base management Filter Searching for guests Insert Setup Help Exit (• CONTRACT OBJECT

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On-line - internet - reservations > powerful graphic overview > simple reservation entry system > filtering input data > flexible user friendly overview > multi base management You can use an easily to be surveyed system that allows you to see the availability of the vessels in our fleet. We are at your service for any additional information. AVAILABLE BOATS YEAR CABINS BERTHS BASE

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> contracts - generated directly from reservations ZAKUP PLOVILA-CHARTER FREI, SUN OD^ Payment conditions: YACHT CHARTER CONTRACT IRM íJ.o.o.r Bratav Babnik 10, 1111 Ljubljana sndIRM d.o.o.. BratovBabnik 10. 1111 Uabliana NASLOV 42030 6320 MESTO 42030 SLOVENIA 1. Yacht type and charter date 2. Charter price:; 1.535,71 EUR .discount: 0,00 EUR .Vat: 0,00 -1 st instalment payable (30% on contract): 1.535,71 EUR till immediately -2 st instalment payable (70% 4 weks before charter): EUR till The charter price Includes: yacht hire, third liability insurance, hull insurance with a deposit amount of 1...

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> creating debit notes > debit notes history h to notify you that the following invoices are due: Date due Currency Amount Unpaid amount We kindly ask you to settle the above stated invoices immediately. You may remit the due amount to the bank account : SWIFT : BAKOSI 2X I BAN. or pay in cash at the Marina reception. If this not be the case we shall be forced to: 1 in case of unpaid invoices due for berthing agreements: terminate your berthing agreement and haul your vessel from the berth at your expence. 2. in case of unpaid invoices due for other services: charge 12% late interest. If the case...

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Owners settlement > yacht account balance Book of rents CHARTER WAY D.O.O. IME 7 Check in Checkout No. of days Invoice Price list Discounts % secret document □miners profits hare Payed % A mou nt p ay ed LUNA CHARTER LUNA CHARTER ■ discount: 5 %-Early booking; Charter management statement LUNA CHARTER Material costs CU afta management balance:

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Guest registration > electronic data report to coastguard > domestic and foreign guests book

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> different types of payments > integrated exchange office Control Guests Yachts Tools Services Finance Help LUNA CHARTER FLAG SLOVENIA WORK ORDERS AND OPEN SERVICES (1) <ALL SERVICES> Invoke flue: LUNA CHARTER Quantity Unit Rats per unit %VAT Discount Valus in EUR PAINT ING OF VES S EL'S UNDERWATER HULL BERTH - DAILY RATE / 8-1 Om .D/M ,C2 Díte íerufce o r m è rcka idlfè ¿ipplfcd G? .1 G.2GG8 We kindly request that the invoice be paid asdue.ltthis is not the case we shall proceed in accordance w ith the berthing agreement or charge 1 2 % late interest .Bank account: SWIFT:BAKOSI 2X IBAN SK61Û100-0000018231...

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> management of cash boxes > entering advance and other payments Exchange office Payment type Postal codiCountry I Exchange rate list " AUSTRALIAN POLAR CANADIAN POLAR CZECH KORUN DANISH KORUN " NORWAY KORUN " SLOVAKIAN KORUN SWEDISH KRONOR SWISS FRANKEN ENGLISH POUND POLISH ZLOTYCH

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Yacht maintenance (service with warehouse management) Control Guests Yachts Tools Services Finance Help Issue material ocument Information Search Exit Issue material I Date I Document no|| Status (?) [Attachments Attachments [Received by [Work order||User Work order IHOMJAK Zlatko OTHER WORK ORDE Open I Unrecorded | Orders | Internal | Internal closed | Internal transf Work order h DATE F9-Prirrt Shift F9-Reports lO-Calculate mater F11-Clone Warehouse marina Work order 100125 Operation of lifts in period 100126 Operations with masts F1-Hel|) F2-New Fî-Cluiiiye Fit-Start [tEL-Delete ESC-Exit

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> underlying document to export into external general ledger Statements of accounts | Record Tools Display History Reminders Exit Calculate interest on late payments Calculate interest on late payments Daily transfer of Income statement Genei ate baseline for transfer

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> reports, statements of account File Report Exit Financial analysis Charter management balance Charter management balance-di Inflow analyse by profit centres Services - by groups and servici Services - by profit centres Prihodki_stroski_sumarno.rpt |Prihodki_stro i'Ulfl HUlbLS cinjwra w;*ii£ OThMUHrl UMUlri ■MfllA StUVKIt ia,Ai bTUE,ld TRANSÎT VACHTÍ BY FLAG

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Qtoptep Piaster > Dual currency recording > Multi-translating (both - forms and data) > Runs on ORACLE database

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