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Catalogue excerpts

T e hl . i - u n5 k l Win rnivain laigA CAlniR l 2 1 n e i ni t a rc to n R t t al 0 2 a c y Win r fh Mide e R c ct Cc s 22 1 n e o te d l Sa ae a OR l s 0 1 a Win r fh A t u S i gWek a Pr r ne C u e 2 1 n e o te ni a al g i n e ct ef ma cs ri r 0 0 o s

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62 Ice, Italian style meets blue water sailing Blue Water sailing is a concept that encompasses a real philosophy. The dark deep blue waters are typical of oceans, far from any shelter. Ice Yachts designs and builds boats to navigate offshore with no limits. Born as CNG, then C.N. Yacht 2000, his premises has its origins in the early days of fiberglass and the know how of its most experienced men was formed even at Alpa, one of the most famous Italian boatyards of all time. Over the years, dozens of boats were made for blue water sailing purpose that still today are sailing the seas of the world....

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I The steering wheels are in forward prjsilirjr iar aplrmcrJ viev/an the inilj and direct control cvarlho mninsheir, which includes doLhle circuit on the two winches. The mainsail traveller is recessed ID clear Lfj Hmonerh, in positions ovunzato, conssftfwio vn'ottimo vnj«9 sulle ve/e e il contrvtio dirgha sulfa saatfa di rondo, con cireurto tthpffhta svl doe which, il trasto dl rondo 6 hwassalo par Tri»-flai CDodiroof provides a good base for ary maneuvering ond work cm Ihe boom, while at onchor is ofurllier junballiing onso./J deck hatches ere-flush. The sprayhood houso is hidden The large area...

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Each boot of WCCeS* is born from a good prqod- FeW Yacht Design hos developed a powerful and fast hull, capcble of excellent performance even ri light wiide, lhanks tolhe careful study of the immersed volume and fie containment of the wet surface. Different solutions ore proposed for appendages, with a choice between fbccd keel and single blade rudder or Iiftrrg keel combined either with single rudder or twin blade rudder 1a reduce the draft at just 8,2 ft The fin is made of Weldcx steel, while rudder blade and stock are made in carbon. On deck spaces ore desicned 1o enjoy sun and the sea while...

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The wide but discrete windows of the coochroof. vrhirji includes a bo two (Widows looldng brword, provides, together witi Ifie hatchet old hull «ide windows, on LW;#; ulterior lighting without limit"rcj privacy i'omplCT ma dlicmta finastratura dolla tvga, cbe Include due firete di hca Fmnksli, tomisce, itxierm nfltf oateeiaoi «■ ogli obld SUHE muratc, una imaareggiabile /umrrjosrfn interna scran A fecial attention lai boon put on moteriuls and cdon sgledion, with many posjfeilrlies far trie owner cjsrorniznSon. Quality and ■fin'trin naserchas are pari of rhs philosophy ci Ice fodllE, ir I ins...

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Offered in sevonol version*, tie interiors represent oo> interpretation of how the style end the pleasure of living on boord car be combined wilh the functionality required to spend long periods at sea, In the different layouts you can find the formula trust suits your needs: ihree or Pour cabins, crew cabin or sail locker, all comfortable and refined looms, with the right venf lotion and complete witfi lorge lockers la stow personal belongings, Al tiis in a clean end modern style, with extensive use of solid wood and careful design of the furniture and the orientation of the wood verveer, to...

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Building process - Tecniche di costruzione Years of experience in advanced composites oimed at offshore sai ins led uS t0 select the bes1 ma-eric Is and the most refined technlq jes. Ice Yachts are entire y manufactured ct our facilities in order to ensure the highest quality: everything, from the laying af the carbon skin to tighten the last bolt is ccrefill y Anni di esperienza nei composHi avanzati finalizzati alia navigazione d'ahura ci hanno porlato a selezionare i materials migliori e le tecniche piu raffinate. Gli ice Yachts vengono realizzati interamente presso i nostri stabilfmenfi, per...

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Tecnoiogy - Tecnologia H igh technology system o re developed with ihe support of the market leading suppliers and innovative materials. Tutti gfi impianti e i sistemi ad oho tecnologia sono raaliTTaH in case o can I'aiufo di fomitori dalla comprorato affidatxlfta. LIFTING KEEL from Ccriboni, delta Cariboni, anchor leoves- scomparsa fascia Can-Bus system electric cables roiativi past Details - Particolari Comfort - Comodita On cn authentic "Mode in ltd/' yadhl cant miss details end elements dedicated to improve comfort and funcionc lily. St/ una baica Made in llaly noo possono moncate eiamanH...

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Technical data - Dati tecnici Water capacity: Fuel capacity: Tall rig Sail Plan Lunghezza fuori iutto: Baglio massima: Serbalo! acqua: Serbalo! diesel: Piano velico albero magg'oratc Sandwich Glass - Carbon Epoxy infusion Tall Rig Mast construction Albero moagioralo Infusione resina epossidica CONSTRUCTION: TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS Hull and deck are laminated with infusion technique, in sandwich of composite materials using glass-carbon fibers with epoxy resin and PVC foam core with different density and thickness. The use of 3-step infusion process (infusion on the outer skin, vacuum bonded core,...

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D t ds g i d s rin r ott al trod q e t bo ues n p rme t ifr t i n nv c ltalel ai i n e e cio ip r e l en i u s rc r o o ua ne nomai e o i oai i l , e z i a ' i n a v n v o c nrt ae L s e i h p s q id a eev r z n s n ape v i en nc sti o oee ni ic lt o t t l.e p cf e o s un i v r ai i ie z ra v o o o tus n lme tv oai au i c o ao s i c n . I mma ii ds g i o s n rp rs naed t gi at zauec en nn nfn op r d l d l b s . gn e i n p s o a pe e tr et l te z tr h o o a n at e mo el a e e o a e r e o Ev tt l r rd z n a c ep raed tt i o tn t 'i aa a i o u i e n h az l iut c ne ui e p o i i .

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