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Catalogue excerpts

Ice 52 modern classic racer cruiser Ice 52 lmodern classic racer cruiser The ICE YACHTS boat-yard presents in the market the new ICE 52, a fast cruise dedicates to passionate and competent owners that seek enjoyment and strong emotions at the helm. Built with highly innovative materials and advanced construction techniques the ICE 52 is in a league of it’s own in all that regards performance, comfort on board and ability to take on even the toughest conditions at sea. Excellent for demanding cruises and regattas. The design is inspired by the boats smaller sibling, the ICE 33 a killer regatta...

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52 TECHNICAL DATA TECHNIQUES AND MATERIALS DATI TECNICI, TECNOLOGIE E MATERIALI The boat weighs 12 tons, 25% less than the average boat in the same category; has almost 140 m 2 of sail surface when going downwind and great stability thanks to the shape and the weigh/keel ratio. Hull and deck of the boat are laminated with a sandwich infusion technique using a glass-carbon fiber composite material with an epoxy resin and PVC foam core with different density and thickness which has been chosen chosen as it allows to sustain several strains. The localized reinforcements are made with unidirectional...

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52 Great performances are guaranteed by the advanced technologies used in construction and the quality of the craftsmanship. These are the qualities that have allowed the famous FELCI 61, from which the ICE 52 derives directly, to win the most important offshore races such as: ARC Atlantic Rally, Giraglia, L’Antigua, Sailing Week, 500x 2 and many others however the ICE 52 also to offers wonderful and relaxing family cruisers at the same time. Years of experience in advanced composites and offshore sailing led us to select the best materials and the most refined construction techniques. Ice Yachts...

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Building process - Tecniche di costruzione Years of experience in advanced composites aimed at offshore sailing led us to select the best materials and the most refined techniques. Ice Yachts are entirely manufactured at our facilities in order to ensure the highest quality: everything, from the laying of the carbon skin to tighten the last bolt is carefully checked by our experts. Anni di esperienza nei compositi avanzati finalizzati alla navigazione d‘altura ci hanno portato a selezionare i materiali migliori e le tecniche più raffinate. Gli Ice Yachts vengono realizzati interamente presso i...

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Technical data - Dati tecnici LOA: 51.10 ft LWL: 48.82 ft Bmax: 15.30 ft Draft: 8.04 ft DSPL: 12.50 t Ballast: 5.00 t Engine: Volvo CV 75 Saildrive Water capacity: 132.08 gal Fuel capacity: 97.74 gal Sail Plan P 67.11 ft IG 68.29 ft I sp 74.57 ft E 22.76 ft J 18.84 ft Main 968.75 ft2 Jib 108& 721.18 ft2 Gennaker Runner 3229.17 ft2 Lunghezza fuori tutto: 15.80 m Lunghezza al galleggiamento: 14.84 m Baglio massimo: 4.65 m Immersione: 2.45 m Dislocamento: 12.50 t Zavorra: 5.00 t Motore: Volvo CV 75 Saildrive Serbatoi acqua: 500 L Serbatoi diesel: 370 L Piano velico P 20.70 m IG 20.80 m I sp 22.70...

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ICE YACHTS s.r.l. V ia delle Arti n° 12 2 6010 Salvirola (CR) IT tel. +39.0373.72784 impaginazione e grafica: Andrea Rizzato Dati, disegni e descrizioni riportate all’interno di questa brocure sono puramente informativi e non vincolati a livello contrattuale. Le specifiche posso quindi avere variazioni senza preavviso e non costituiscono elementi vincolati. Immagini e disegni possono rappresentare dettagli e attrezzature che non non fanno parte del modello base. E’ vietata la riproduzione anche parziale di tutti i contenuti.

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